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Reaction Post for Heroes: “Four Months Ago”

Maya and Alejandro- their back-story was interesting.  I really didn’t like Alejandro’s wife and her “ex” boyfriend.  What amazes me is that Maya saw right thru her would-be sister-in-law and yet has fallen for Sylar’s charms.  Yeah, I know, some will say “It’s Sylar, he’s just that hot!”  Sorry, not me.  I’ll take Claude any day!

Peter and Nathan- I had wondered, especially after seeing the 360 video, who caught whom.  What’s amazing is I know of an online RPG that played out similar to this.  It was amazing that accelerated healing can counteract the Haitian’s ability, and allow Peter to regain his memory.  Looks like Angela didn’t fix everything after all.  As for Nathan I thought he was very brave and noble.  I like that he was honest with Heidi, but it bites that Angela had to go and start trouble.  Just what is Angela’s power? Manipulation?  I know a guy she ought to meet if that’s the case!  And now the reason behind Nathan’s scary reflection is revealed.  As for Peter, I know he wanted to do the right thing but having someone like Elle playing around would have made me skeptical.  And while I’m at it…

Elle- While I’m sure Kristen Bell is probably a lovely person, I cannot stand the character she is playing here.  The more I see of Elle the more I detest her.  Supposedly, we were supposed to feel sorry for her, but to be brutally honest, even after that “sob story” she told Peter (which scored no points at all with me), I want to see Elle die.  Maybe she could meet Maya alone in a bad mood.  At the very least, it is her who should be locked up and not Peter!

Bob- I really don’t trust him and I’m starting to dislike him.  I keep waiting for the horns to pop out.  How could he hide Peter’s survival from Angela, like that?  I know he paid for DL’s surgery but he also let Elle torment Peter and treat him like an object.  Why on earth did he assign Elle to give Peter meds?

Niki- I felt bad for her having trouble with the meds.  It’s not easy to find meds that work and don’t have massive or bad side effects for any problem.  I wasn’t expecting a new alternate personality.  All this time I’d thought it was Jessica but it looks like it was actually Gina.  Nice acting on Ali’s part.  Though, I still don’t get why Bob lets her go at the end.  Is he as evil as I suspect?


DL- Nice to see him back.  It bites that he died and how he died but I do like the fact that he got to be a hero both onscreen and in the graphic novel.

Adam- I know what we saw of him as Gaijin-Kensei was often far from heroic, however, given that I don’t trust Bob, I have to wonder if he’s as bad as Bob has painted him. 
Given that Adam is long lived as I’d suspected, that would be an awfully long time to hold a grudge.  I have to wonder if time cooled his anger as well as the fact that he would have outlived Yaeko by centuries.  I know that Peter trusts him.  After all, Adam did make good on his promise to heal Nathan.  Granted, I don’t exactly trust Adam, yet…

The Haitian- He had an interesting twist.  Now we know where Peter got both his amnesia and his new necklace from, and how he wound up in that container.  As for the missing I-pods, it looks like they were never packed, or someone nicked them on this side of the pond.  But I still don’t know where the Haitian got the virus from.

Claude- If ever there was a time for him to resurface, it would be now.  Peter wouldn’t need drugs or amnesia; Claude would make sure “Poodle” had control.  I also miss Claude, a lot.


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