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Why I'm upset now (What gets me through tough nights)

So the writers' strike continues. I understand why they are sriking and can't really do anything except join some online stuff. I know they are folding cranes over on 9th Wonders B Board, but I have trouble folding paper just in triplicate, never mind origami, and never mind my handwriting (folks tell me I should have been a doctor rather than a nurse). I'm not a pro writer by any stretch of the imagination, my amatuer fan fics notwithstanding, I'm not a networ or movie exec, and I'm not a billionaire. I'm just a fan, a fan who looked forward to good programing.

I am also an 11-7 RN. While I can't reveal all the details of my job, for professional reasons, what I can tell you is that it doesn't really matter what shift you work as a nurse; it's all rough sailing. On my shift, you would think that folks would just sleep, especially sick elderly folks, but they don't, not all of them. I spend a lot of time trying to calm folks down and keep them safe from falling or hurting themselves and others. I've seen stuff that would gross most folks out, but it needed to be dealt with. I won't disgust you with details, just be aware of it. This is not a glamorous profession.

I looked forward to Heroes for a break, a bit of an escape, and some inspiration to recharge myself. Now it looks like after December 3, 2007, that will be it, until next September. Now, I do have the season 1 DVD's but it just isn't the same.

I also got some discoraging news, beyond the fact that our writers have had to strike. Although I had heard reports that my favorite actor Christopher Eccleston was in LA as of November 3, 2007, it looks like he won't be making an appearance as Claude any time soon. :(

I have to wonder why they did a 4 part Claude graphic novel over this past summer which raised more questions rather than answering a lot of ones I wanted answered or why Ivan made a point of mentioning him in "The Line."

What I want to know is: Who was Claude hiding? How did the Company know he'd hidden someone, but not who or where? How did Claude survive being shot several times by HRG and a a possible fall of that rather high bridge? I want to know where Claude went after he left Peter's apartment in "Unexpected," and where his pigeons went. Most of all I want to see Claude. And I also want to know exactly what Chris is so busy doing that he doesn't have time for Heroes, or is it just bad timing?

Call me obsessed or crazy or just a nutter, but that's what gets me through a tough night at work. I take a moment and glance over at my small collection of pics that I keep at my corner of the nurses' station an it's a nice pic me up. I usually don't have time for a proper break. Now granted I have changed the set up a bit, since I last posted. For one thing, the bear isn't there; that was just for the one day. The pic of Claude with the pigeon is still there (sans caption) as is the photoshopped one of me with Claude:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

And I added this one (also sans caption):

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I had so hoped to see Claude appear this season, but I guess that won't happen. :(

So yeah, I'm upset. :"(

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