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Reaction Post for Heroes: “Out of Time”


Peter- It looks like his mom fixed at least part of his memory (what exactly is her power any way?)  and Peter knows how bad the Shanti Virus can get.



Caitlin- It looked to me like she was stuck in 2008.  That bites, I liked her.


Adam Munroe-  He was revealed as the Gaijin-Kensei.  I have to wonder if he’s long lived or if he’s originally from our time.  Is this his actual name or an alias?  And, is it just me or did the shot of Mr. Petrelli Sr., blurry as it was, look an awful lot like Adam?  Granted they could just be related, but I’m still wondering what the connection is.  I’m also wondering if it was Adam who took out Kaito, because the hooded figure we saw was not the right body shape for Maury, but it did look right for Adam.


Hiro- He was the Japanese-Kensei.  He was heroic but it bites that he had to leave his princess behind.  I like that he managed to destroy the guns and that he tried to redeem Adam (Gaijin-Kensei).


Matt- I’m both amazed an pleased that he managed to trap Maury.  He had little faith in himself, which I think limited his power.  I’m not sure if it was Bob and Molly’s faith that helped Matt to believe in himself or if he finally found his own inner self belief, but look at the result.  Matt has expanded his useable ability, and I hope he continues to use it for good.


Mohinder-  I had feared that when he was revealed as working with HRG that he’d give away the secrets.  Granted, I don’t like it, but it was very true to character.  I hope he hasn’t put others in danger in his quest to do what is right.


Bob- We still don’t know his last name but I suspect he is Elle’s dad.  I know he’s shown he’s capable of good, but I still don’t trust him.  I know that thanks to him there is now a mutated currently incurable strain of the Shanti Virus and Niki may die from it.


Niki- I’m still puzzled as to whether she’s truly integrated or if Jessica and Niki are still vying for control.  It also bites that she might die.


Claire- I know she’s 16 but I wonder why it never occurred to her that her mom would mention West to HRG.  I really wish she’d come clean with HRG about the whole thing.


West- I still don’t trust him.  Something about him sets my “Scooby Sense” off.  It’s not just the fact that he’s skating a very thin line between crush and stalker, but that certainly doesn’t help.


HRG- I wonder why he didn’t at least show Sandra the painting even more so after the mess about West.  I’m sure Sandra at least would have understood his apprehension.


Claude- Sadly still MIA.  I hope Adam doesn’t get him!  I know there are some that thought Claude may have been one of the 12 but he would have only bee about 13, 30 years ago when the Company was formed!  And he’s certainly not in the picture (unless he was invisible) and we have to wonder if his powers would have even manifested by then.  Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying what I have seen thus far this season, but I’m really hoping Claude will reappear soon (no pun intended).  I’m also worried about how that will possibly be impacted by the writers’ strike.

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