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Batch 1 of 5 for i_character


Here is batch 1 of 5 for i_character.  These of batch 1 are Claude icons made from caps of the episode  Heroes "Godsend."  There are only 11 as he was only in it briefly.  The next posts will be larger.

Tool:  Paintshop Pro by Jasc

Icons separated by screencap sources:

Herosite teaser:

Smug mug:


Note: Please comment and credit if taking and do not hot link!

ETA: 2 more icons, both from Striped wall caps:

I made those 2 icons December 2, 2007 as I was going through my caps looking for pics to put in a calendar and found those 2 caps and thought they should be icons.  So that brings us up to 13 icons.  You can never have too much Claude :)

Tags: christopher eccleston, claude rains, heroes, icons

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