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The story behind one of my Tattoos


Original pic:

Ok I know some of you have seen this as one of my Icons. I'm sure you may wonder what it says. That's Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs for "Ninth Doctor." It's real and on my right shoulder blade. I got it in June after "Parting of the Ways" aired over here. I have one other Tattoo, also in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs, on my left upper chest. It translates to "Anubis." I've had that one since June 2000. Odd little fact: Anubis is linked to Time and his sacred number is 9. Kinda freaky that. As for why I went with "Ninth Doctor" rather than the Seal of Rassilon, and for why I put it where it is, therein lies a tale....
See I was rather upset at the turn of events in "Parting of the Ways," and felt the need to do something. I already had the Anubis tattoo on my left chest so putting anything there was out. I also wanted a location that wouldn't warp over time/weight etc. (and an easily concealable site so my folks wouldn't was bad enough the first time!) So I figured on my back or shoulder, for those reasons and also, it's my way of saying, "Doctor, I've got your back! Please watch mine." And also "This shoulder is yours, if you need it, Doctor." Then it was a choice of what do I get. I nearly went with the seal. I have some now destroyed/abandoned fanfics I'd built with that idea in mind. But something just didn't feel right. That and it wasn't specific enough to Nine.
Then I had this dream. I was with Nine and we had landed in Ancient Egypt. I was getting into appropriate garb and I needed help with fastening one of those complicated beaded collars. So I asked the Doctor to help me fasten it. Now, in this dream, I had the Seal of Rassilon in the middle of my back, and, with the dress I was wearing, it was visible until the collar was placed. The Doctor noticed it right away but wouldn't say anything. My empathy was working better than usual in the dream and I could tell he was freaking out, but trying to hide it. So we got me done up and set off to meet the Pharoh. Then I noticed he didn't have his jacket on. I asked him about it and he just said that he'd left it back in the TARDIS becuse it was so hot. I made some comment about how I was curious about seeing him in Egyptian garb and for some reason this bothered the Doctor too. Then I woke up before I could ask him about it.
Then there was the translating work. I wanted to see what "Ninth Doctor" looked like written out and translated into Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. It was just too perfect. See the pictograms? You get what looks suspiciously like a man with two hearts and the number 9. I saw that, and I just knew I had to go with that.
Am I hopelessly obsessed? Yup. Shameless fan girl? You betcha! Would I go off with the Ninth Doctor if he showed up and offered me a ride? Do you even need to ask?... Hey, I can dream can't I? LOL
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