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Reaction Post for Heroes: “The Line”


Peter and Caitlin-  I know some have complained but I like the interaction between these 2.  I like that Peter is trying to deal with things head on and the Caitlin wanted to go with him.  Her desire for revenge is believable, but I don’t think that’s all that’s motivating her.  They made it to Montreal only to have Peter teleport them to New York in the near future.  Who is Adam Monroe and how did he know Peter was coming to Montreal?  Did he buy the plane ticket for Peter?


Debbie-  Totally deserves what she got.  I knew girls like that in high school, and I didn’t like them any more than I do her.


Claire- Really cool and I like her relationship with Meg.  I also like she’s a cheerleader again. 


Meg- I really like her. I know that if she’s in charge, she won’t humiliate the rest of the girls.


West- I like that he helped Claire but I still don’t trust him.  And no it’s not because it looks like he’s in the painting where HRG appears to be shot and killed either.


Monica-  Interesting how she just went with Mohinder, though I did enjoy seeing her test herself.  I’m glad Mohinder didn’t inject her and I’m glad she went home with hope.


Mohinder-  I can appreciate his conscience and his dilemma.  For his  sake and Molly’s, as well as the sake of HRG and the Haitian’s mission to bring down the Company, I hope he can stay true to himself but not jeopardize anything or anyone.


Bob-  I know he can change things into gold, but he still creeps me out.  I don’t trust him and it’s not just because he’s Company or the fact that he wanted Mohinder to use the altered strain of the Shanti Virus on Monica.  Again the Adam Monroe connection appears.  Bob knows who Adam is, but does he know that Maury Parkman is now after him?  I like that he gave backup and support to Monica rather than erasing her memory and just using her as a guinea pig but I still don’t trust him.  He switched to being really nice far too easily.


Niki(?Jessica)-  I really wonder who’s in control here.  I know Niki would probably be a bit different after integration but it very much seems to me like Jessica is in control.  It’s intereting how Bob is continuing the partnership tradition of partnering specials with folks without powers, though I strongly suspect that Niki/Jessica is really there to keep tabs on Mohinder.


Maya, Alejandro, & Gabriel(Sylar)-  Interesting interactions.  Maya trusts Sylar completely and Alejandro doesn’t trust him at all.  I also find it interesting that only Maya speaks English.  Sylar better hope that Maya didn’t hear him, even if her brother has no clue about the plans Sylar laid out.  I have to wonder though, that if Sylar survived Maya’s “eyes blackening”  why the impromptu boarder patrol-wannabes did not survive as well.  According to the 2 screen interactive, Sylar isn’t powerless due to getting stabbed by Hiro, but because of the Shanti Virus.  I have to wonder if it’s the altered strain or the original lethal one.  It also seems to me that Sylar enjoys killing, even if he’s not the one doing it.


Ando-  Again it has to be very frustrating for one who has been in the thick of things, even powerless, to just sit on the sidelines and read about what his friend is doing.  Though I am glad he found the scrolls and someone to help him read the more damaged ones.


Kensei, Yaeko, and Hiro- They had saved the swordsmith, but what a mess.  It was clear before that Hiro had fallen for Yaeko, but now Kensei loves her too.  While I understand the jealousy and the feelings of betrayal, I have to wonder if there is any redeeming Kensei after he turned on Hiro.  I’m sure Yaeko doesn’t care much for him after that.  I am forced to wonder why Hiro didn’t just return to the present after he got Kensei to become a hero and to care about Yaeko.




The Paintings- Even after review, they are still a mystery.  We know they start with Kaito’s death and end with what looks like HRG’s death.  In between it looks to me like a vial (possibly the ShantiVirus or a variant strain), Niki pounding on something (or possibly Jessica), a shot that looks like Peter is in the middle of it, Hiro and Kensei dueling with swords, & Mohinder with a smoking gun.  Is it Mohinder who shoots HRG and if so why?



HRG, the Haitian, & Ivan-  Ivan is retired, or was.  Does this mean that Haram (Claude’s first partner in the Graphic Novels) isn’t dead after all?  I find it interesting that Ivan said that he trained HRG and Claude.  I like the Graphic Novel tie-in/Flash Back to HRG and Ivan and the pyrokinetic special  to “the train yard where we tagged the liquid man”.  I was hoping Claude would be in it too (and hoping even more so to see him onscreen), but it was still good to get insight into how HRG sees and does things.  HRG is still as morally grey as ever and he’s still keeping secrets.  I know Ivan tried to get HRG to come back to the Company, but I doubt Ivan had any idea that HRG killed Thompson.  I’m also wondering where Claude is hiding.


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