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Yes, I added to the collection

OK, last Saturday, October 20, 2007, I watched The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising for the 8th time.  Since there doesn't seem to be an ancient Egyptian word for "Rider," and I'd wanted something Celtic, I had been checking out Celtic star patterens and related Celtic designs.  See, I noticed a star pattern on the hood-type bridle that Rusty (the Rider's horse) is wearing as well as a star tattoo on the hand of Maggie Barnes.  Then I found this design and touched it up with paintshop:

It's called a "pentaflower."  The original was just an outline, but I liked it better filled in solid.

Here is the tattoo:

and here's a reference pic (all 3 tats on my back):

Tags: claude rains, me, ninth doctor, tattoo, the rider, the seeker: the dark is rising

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