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Reaction Post for Heroes: “Fight or Flight”

(Warning Spoilers thru episode 5 of season2!)



Ricky- He’s dead and that bites.  I really liked him.  I like the fact that he didn’t give Peter nonsense for hooking up with his sister and was willing to do what he could to aid the relationship.  Unfortunately, now he’s dead.


Elle- The jury was out on her until I saw her in action.  Now that I have, I must say that I’m growing to dislike this character.  The way she killed Ricky certainly didn’t help.  If anything, that negatively impacted my view.  I do, however, want to know who her dad is.


Caitlin- I like her and I think she’s a good match for Peter.  I’m worried about how she’ll cope with Ricky’s death.  The fact that she paints is a neat touch.


Peter- I’m glad he opened the box and I’m glad he can still paint like Isaac.  I like the fact that he takes responsibility for what happens, even though it’s really not his fault.


Monica- I like the bond between her and Micah and the fact that she’s testing herself.  I liked the fact she was checking out Bruce Lee.


Micah- I like the fact he told his cousin about what he can do.  I’m wondering how he’ll react to Mohinder showing up to talk to his cousin.  I wonder if he remembers Mohinder.


Matt and Mohinder-  Whatever their relationship may have been, other than co-guardians, it seems like it’s on very shaky ground, even more so than before.


Matt and Nathan- Interesting team and I loved the interaction between these two.  I also like that Matt was able to figure out how to get out of the nightmare.  It looks like Matt can send as well as receive, now.


Maury Parkman- He is one very dangerous man.  He almost had me fooled with that victim act.  Between my gut and Molly saying he was the nightmare man I was suspicious, even when he acted all helpless.  Then, when he started that “Come in the back here and I’ll show you” bit with Matt,  I figured he was exactly as bad as Molly had said, if not worse.  I thought he’d finish off Angela but it looks very much like he’s going for Bob next.  If he is indeed Kaito’s killer, I’m wondering if that was some sort of psychic projection that Kaito, Ando and the audience saw.  The build doesn’t look the same.



Molly- I like the graphic novel tie in.  Now we have some idea what she’s experiencing.


Ando- It has to be hard for him to sit on the side lines, though I am glad he found the scrolls.


Kensei, Yaeko, and Hiro- An interesting trio and they make a good team.  It looks like Kensei is becoming the man history recorded him as, and, given that, I still have to wonder why Hiro felt he had to stay.


Niki- I hope she’s not being set up.  It looked like Jessica went on a rampage.  At the end of season 1, it looked like the two halves were going to integrate, or at the very least work together.  I wonder what is going on in Niki/Jessica’s head.  What wrecked what looked like the beginning of healing?  Was it just DL’s death, or was it something else?


Bob- His actions puzzle me.  He just told Mohinder that he was valued and going to be watched more closely, yet it looks like he sent Mohinder off after Monica alone.


HRG and the Haitian- I was hoping to see more of these two.  I’m wondering what they will find in Russia.  I’m sure they are after the paintings, but I have a feeling they will find more than that. (It would be nice if they found Claude, but I doubt he’s in Russia and I’m certain that those 2 are the last people that Claude wants to talk to.)

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