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Reaction Post for Heroes: “The Kindness of Strangers”

Here is my take on events:


West- I still don’t entirely trust him, though him catching Claire was sweet.


Claire- Nice to see her getting to be herself, a bit more.  Interesting how she takes after her adoptive dad, Noah.  There is a lot to be said for nurture vs nature


Nana- Nichelle is great as always.  I’m hoping to see more of her.


Monica- interesting character and her power reminds me a bit of “Limelight” or what she could have become.  I like her.


Damon-  He’s nasty at first but lightens up on Micah after he realizes his cousin can help him.


Micah- I figured he could pull off the PPV trick.  I like the fact that he’s trying to help others.


Nathan- I love that they showed his boys.  I didn’t mind his beard so much and I was almost sorry to see it go.  I’m still wondering what’s up with the scarred reflection in the mirror, is it just guilt?  Or is the Nathan we’re seeing just a façade for it?  I like his interaction with Matt.  Despite everything, Nathan is still trying to look out for Angela.  His comments to Matt when they look at the picture, confirm what Angela said in episode two, “Lizards.”


Mohinder-  I liked the song for Molly.  I am curious as to the dynamics of his relationship with Matt.  I know they are co-guardians but, as I had pointed out earlier, it looks very much like an uneasy truce.


Matt- I’d wondered if either of his parents had been special, now we know his dad did/does, but not the exact specifics.  Also, I had thought that Matt’s ex-wife’s baby was his ex partner’s.


Mr. Parkman SR- He’s Molly’s nightmare man, but is he the killer?


Angela- Obviously scared and feeling guilty but is that all that is motivating her actions?  If she really did kill Kaito, I have to wonder how.


Maya & Alejandro- They’re almost to the states and rescued Sylar.  That was an interesting twist.  I wonder how they will react when they learn that Chandra is dead and that it is Mohinder who is in New York, now.


Sylar- Weakened and going by his original name.  Although he seems powerless, I have to wonder why the cockroach reappeared after he killed Derek and why Candice/Michelle/Betty had him in a facility in Mexico.  I find it hard to believe that she was acting alone, after all, she did get a phone call looking for an update.


Molly- At the end of the episode it looked like she was trapped, but is she trapped in her mind or Mr. Parkman SR’s



The Photo-  I was really hoping they would show a complete version.  Some folks we recognize, others are new.  I’d love to know what Bob’s last name is.  I also want to know what Mr. Petrelli SR is out of focus.  Is it just that the actor hasn’t been chosen?


HRG and the Haitian-  I loved the conversation near the end.  It’s eerily similar to what Claire is up to.


I sure hope nightmare man doesn’t find Claude!

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