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Review for The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising

Do Not Read this unless you’ve seen the film…Massive spoilers!!!!













I’ve seen this movie 4 times thus far and I plan to go again.  How many times I’ll see it in all, I’m not certain, but I’ve really enjoyed it.  The film went by quickly without being rushed, but there is still a lot to cover, so I shall, as usual, touch upon what got my attention.


Will Stanton- very believable and for any who complain “it’s not realistic” all I have to say is, “How would you react if you were a 14 year old who suddenly discovered magic powers and massive responsibility?”  Any who were able to empathize with Harry Potter will easily be able to empathize with Will.  Alexander Ludwig does a fine job as the film’s hero.


The Rider- Christopher Eccleston is amazing! (as always)  Evil should not look that good.  Chris is as gorgeous and captivating as ever while still very very dark.  He works very well with Rusty and, despite that I know what Chris said in interviews, between what skill he’s acquired and Rusty, Chris looks very much like a very experienced rider!

(And no, Chris, you don’t look like Popeye in your close ups!)

I like the fact that when the Rider is in disguise as the “doctor” he tries to make Will an offer in addition to just scaring and threatening him.


“I don’t forget those who stand with me, nor those who stand against ... “

“These old fools would have you do work that they can’t, but they haven’t told you that you’ll fail.”


I’m sure these thoughts crossed Will’s mind, especially given that he still thought he was only the 6th son of a 7th son at this point.


Yes, I know the Rider is evil, but he’s still captivating.


(First pigeons now ravens, I have to wonder what’s next in this sequence)



Maggie Barnes- interesting how it’s not Max she winds up with but James, and how all the Stanton boys seem to admire her.  And she is still an agent of the Dark.


Max- he strikes me as subbing in for the Walker a bit.  He gets used as a pawn by the Dark.  It was clear something was up when he returned home from college unexpectedly.



Changes from book to film:


Tom- now Will’s lost twin rather than a much older brother and he’s not dead! That was a nice twist.


Gwen- Will only has one sister and she’s younger.  They had a clear bond onscreen.  I think maybe this change was made to clear up any 7th son of a 7th son confusion.  I’m not certain how this works but what I have read about, it’s always been an unbroken line of boys, with no girl births in between.  It may not matter in actuality or in the original legends.


The Lady seems to be combined with Ms. Greythorne.


The Walker is missing but with the Signs being hidden differently as well as a different set up for the Book, he was not needed.


The Stantons are now an American family with English ancestry, and I’m not certain why this change was made.  Will’s dad is now John Stanton a Physics professor rather than Roger Stanton the jeweler.  The name change puzzles me but the physics tie in was an interesting addition.

Instead of Mr. Mitothin, the diamond dealer, we get a local doctor for the Rider to disguise himself as.  I love how Will recognizes him anyway and is still scared of him.  I also like the fact that he acts so benign around Will’s mom.  Chris looked like he was having a blast with this part of the role. 


The attic is now a place of semi-exile rather than a prized sanctuary.  It’s almost a metaphor for what Will is going through.  He’s part of a family, yet so different from them.  He’s an Old One but the youngest one.


The signs are no longer simple quartered circles and I wonder if the art department was having fun.  I’m not certain what to make of the final sign being Will’s own soul and I wonder how exactly that works.


The Rider’s horse is now white rather than black.  Rusty is awesome!  I also think this may be a reference to the myth/legend that “Death rides a pale horse.”


Herne the Hunter and the Wild Hunt is not there nor is either mentioned.  Without Herne, there was no need for the mask or the White Mare.  Granted I know who Herne is, but I didn’t learn much about him until College (University), and I’m still learning.  Without the Hunt to chase him away, Will trapped the Rider in a sphere, much as Tom had been.



(I so gotta find that sphere!)


As I said before, I really enjoyed this film and plan to see it again.

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