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Reaction Post for Heroes: “Kindred”

(Warning Spoilers thru episode three of season2!)


Another good episode with a lot of story to cover.  I shall touch upon what really grabbed my attention.


They say you should always speak good of the dead…Candice, she’s dead, GOOD!  Seriously, she had the potential to be so much more and never bothered, nothing against Missy or our new actress as “Michelle,” but this character lacked a lot of that which would have made me sad to see her go.


Sylar- He’s alive and not more powered than godmode in Doom!  Sylar may  be evil but he has depth and, even if he’s not my absolute favorite, I still care and would be sad to see him die.  (And plus Zach Quinto is a really cool guy). It will be interesting to see how much (if any) powers he retains once he has healed.  At least we now know how he managed to survive and sneak away.


West-  Nice kid but he’s starting to really annoy me.  Not the flight and trying to bond with Claire, that was cool.  What bugged me is the trying to out her in science class.  That smacked of creep.  Though I must say it’s nice that Claire has someone her age to talk to about being special, and as a potential boyfriend.


Ricky-  Really starting to like him.

Caitlin- Liked her, still do.

Ricky’s double crossing Thug- I knew there was a reason I didn’t like him.  Now I know why.

Peter- Mixed feelings about him not wanting to confront his past, but I have to say that this week’s GN with a tie in/missing scene between him and Caitlin was a nice touch.  So much for those who tried to say that “Het is extinct.”  Het looks alive and well to me.


Kensei- Looks like he’s much less of a rake and becoming an honorable hero, and also like he actually cares about Yaeko.


Hiro- doing a noble job even if it’s breaking his heart.  I’m surprised he chose to stay.


Ando- really neat how he found the scrolls.


Niki-  I hope she’s not walking into another trap


DL - Him I was sad to see die, but I had a feeling we would lose him.


Micah-  I wonder if he’s still emailing with Hana.  I’m glad he still has family.


Great Aunt Nana-  What can I say? Uhura rocks! And I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.


I also like that we’re going to see New Orleans.


HRG-  It had to be hard, seeing picture 8/8, like a car wreck, horrible but one still can’t look away.  Granted the explosion Isaac painted still happened but not in the city.  Perhaps, HRG will still be shot but not lethally?


Matt and Mohinder-  No secrets but this suspiciously looks like an uneasy truce.  Matt knows that Mohinder is working with HRG and the Company and does try to caution him, but, I did notice that, Matt’s first reaction was to pull a gun when he heard someone in the apartment.


I still miss Claude.


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