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Wallpapers with the Rider (1024 x 768)

The request was made on eccleston_fansfor some wallpapers with the Rider.  While I do not claim to be an expert by any means, I did try to make some simple ones with the decently sized  in-character caps I have thus far to work with.  I have some small caps but they pixelate like crazy when enlarged.  (click on pics for larger images) Here are my modest efforts:

First one:

Simple but works well on my desk top.

Later I added text:

I got inspired by a button I have that says "Come to the Dark Side, We have cookies!"  And, let's face it, Ecclescake is better than any cookies :)

Then there were these 2:

Someone on CE Info made the lovely cap and I added a quote.

Tell me it isn't true?

No hotlinking.  If you actually like these enough to snag, please comment.  If you have better caps and skills to work with, and make your own, I will not be the least bit upset :), unless you don't share :(
Tags: christopher eccleston, the rider, the seeker: the dark is rising, wallpaper

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