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Reaction Post for Heroes: “Lizards”

Another good episode with a lot of story to cover.  I shall touch upon what really grabbed my attention.


Hiro- His story line is almost anime meets Cyrano De Bergerac and reminds me a lot of some anime that I have seen.  This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy it.  I loved it.  I do feel for Hiro though, as it is clear he really cares for Yaeko.  I am very interested in the fact that Takezo Kensei can heal.  Between that and the fact that Angela Petrelli alluded to sleeping with Kaito Nakamura but “not for some time”, I wonder if there isn’t a connection between that, and by extension between Claire and Kensei.


Claire- Her interactions with Sandra, Mr. Muggles and HRG were very amusing.  Sandra is still herself, but now all the secrets are out.  I like that Claire isn’t content to just hide and is testing herself and wondering how she can help others.  (She must get that from her uncle).  Mr. Muggles wanting to see the dog show was amusing. (and my parents’ dog likes to watch Mr. Muggles, incidentally).  West is likable but still seems like he’s trying to be another Zach.  I can believe that Claire’s car got stolen, but I’m having trouble believing that she left it unlocked.  Locking her keys in it would have been more believable.


Noah Bennet (HRG)- I like HRG being honest with Sandra and showing her the painting.  I can see his point to Claire about his way being “a far freer cage,” though I wonder how much he will lighten up on her if he and his team are successful.  It was nice to see the Haitian rejoin him, too.


Mohinder and the Haitian- Very interesting segment.  Mohinder does a good job of persuading the Haitian both on and off screen.  I like that this week’s Graphic Novel ties in and has a missing scene from this segment.  I have to wonder about the disease.  Where did the Haitian get it (from Molly?) and did he pass it on to anyone?  If Mohinder’s blood is the only cure, why did Bob (Midas) send Mohinder alone?  I also wonder if the contact mentioned in the Graphic Novel was anyone the audience has seen before.


Matt- I like that he got his dream job, but he’s gonna have to watch his power use or find a better cover for using that.  I would hate to see him lose another job.  He also has to know what Mohinder is up to with HRG, just given the nature of his gift.  I liked that he had a scene with Ando.  I love the line “Either the killer fell 20 stories, got up and walked away or flew away.  You know somebody who can do that?”


Maya and Alejandro- I wonder if the psychic healer they ran into was in fact another special.  I do have to say that it bothers me that she tells them “No one can help you.”  The fear, I understand, but not crushing hope like that in a life or death situation.  Just the fact that the twins are trying to fix matters, should count for something.  Iam really curious about the twins and if what they can do is tied to or can help with the curing of the mystery virus that Shanti, Molly, and the Haitian were stricken with.  Maya alone causes that “black tears” illness but Alejandro can stop it and even reverse it is he’s quick enough.


Peter- It looks like Claude was right (take that nay-sayers!).  Peter has no idea who he is, where he came from, or what he is, and he is using what powers he’s absorbed with ease (including new ones).  If having amnesia doesn’t count as being free from distractions, then I don’t know what does.  I like Caitlin.  Her brother, Ricky is OK.  His crew bother me a bit.  I liked watching Peter clean house with the rival thugs when they came after Caitlin.  I still wonder why Peter has the Haitian’s necklace (as it’s clear that the Haitian doesn’t have it when Mohinder found him in Haiti).  If the Haitian had something to do with Peter winding up in Ireland, it’s obvious he wasn’t doing so under Angela’s orders, but then whose orders was he acting on?



Angela- She said she’d slept with Kaito.  She was in a locked interrogation room, and the lights went bizarre right before she got attacked.  I wonder what exactly the attacker’s power was or if he has more than one power.  And it’s definitely not Nathan! He was busy talking with Matt and then working with Matt to get to his mother.  The mystery man attacked Kaito and Ando saw him until after he knocked Kaito off the roof.  I couldn’t see what or who was going after Angela, just her fending it off and the resulting cuts.



The paintings- They are a series of 8 and Isaac finished them before he died.  The one they’ve shown thus far is Kaito’s death, and Kaito said there were 9 founding members of the Company left right before he is killed and that he believed that it was one of them stalking him and possibly Angela as well.  We were told that cancer killed Charles Deveaux, and we saw DL kill Linderman while trying to save Niki.  We were told that Mr. Petrelli senior killed himself, but they’ve never showed him or his funeral on screen.  We only briefly saw him in the “War Buddies” Graphic novel.  I wonder if he’s really dead or if he went underground or if he is dead, that his death, Linderman’s and Charles’ weren’t as accidental or coincidental as they seem.



I’m still sticking to my theory that the mystery killer is the same individual as Molly’s nightmare man and also a founding Company member.


I still miss Claude.

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