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Reaction post for Heroes Season 2 :"Four Months Later"

Reaction Post for Heroes: “Four Months Later”



(Warning Spoilers for episode one of season2!)


Sorry it has taken me so long to post this.  I am even now still trying to take it all in.  I cannot hope to cover the whole episode in its entirety, but here are a few items that really caught my attention and sparked questions with the first and subsequent viewings (yes, I have viewed and re-viewed it and every time I notice something else):


For starters, I noticed the torn picture of which both Kaito Nakamura and Angela Petrelli have a piece of was a photo that was taken on the roof of the Deveaux Building.  While I did notice that the coop was still there when Kaito went up there with Ando, and had snow on its roof, I did notice a lack of pigeons.  None were heard and none were flying about either, although they had been when Ando and Hiro were up there upon their return from the future.   I’m wondering If Kaito had an ability beyond his sword fighting skill. Also, Kaito knew his assailant despite the disguise.  My impression is of a reasonably fit white male based on build, action and the hands which were the only visible skin.  Granted, it could have been a female under all that but I don’t find that likely.  And I also do not think it was Claude (regardless of how much I miss him).


I also don’t think Kaito’s assailant was Claude because:

1) Wrong build

2)  Why would Claude wait 7 years for revenge on Primatech/OWI/the Company and then start by going after Kaito?

3)  Claude would not have survived knocking Kaito off the roof like that, and when the camera cuts to the ground, Kaito is alone

4)  Kaito said that the death threats had come from “someone who had helped found the Company 30 years ago.”  Claude would have only been about 13 at that time (assuming that Claude is close to or the same age as Christopher Eccleston).  Would Claude have even manifested by that time?


Personally, I think Kaito’s killer=Molly’s Nightmare man.

I also am wondering why Molly was so hesitant to talk about her nightmare with Matt, her “hero.”  Did she fear that doing so would put him at risk?  I also find it interesting that Matt and Mohinder are sharing a place as well as custody of Molly and that Matt is now a Police Detective, at last.


I’m wondering what Hiro is going to do to “fix history.”


Regarding Nathan, at least I have now confirmed what a dream caused me to suspect: that someone close to Peter would become an alcoholic over the winter.  What puzzles me is Nathan’s reflection in the barroom mirror.  Was he seeing a hallucination, his true self, or what he assumes Peter looks like now?


As for Peter, it looks like he’s got a new power (or his TK has gotten flashier).  His necklace looks an awful lot like the Haitian’s and he now has severe amnesia, and I have to wonder if it was trauma or if the Haitian mind wiped him.  I also have to wonder who sent him to Cork, Ireland and why.  (I do know the area a bit, my godmother lives there in Ballincollig, County Cork, just outside of Cork City.  Nice place.)


The scenes of Claire and HRG breaking their cover, just a bit were amusing.  There is a lot to be said for Nurture vs. Nature.  I find it interesting that HRG and Mohinder are in contact (and conspiring) and that Claire still has Nathan’s cell number.


Then there is West.  I am wondering why he can fly.  So far, barring Peter who can mimic anyone, Nathan has been the only flyer.  I doubt it is a coincidence and I have to wonder if West may also be a relative of Nathan, or maybe a younger clone.  He also reminds me a lot of Jeff East who played the young Clark Kent in the Christopher Reeve Superman the Movie.  Will there be more powers that repeat and what is the reason for it if they do?


The bald man with the glasses and the “Midas” gift, who contacted Mohinder, is probably a founding member of the Company.  He seems old enough and judging by Kaito’s comments to Angela that makes a total of 12 founders and would leave 6 unaccounted for.


For every question that is answered, several more rise to take the place.  I am amazed at what the whole Heroes team has thus far come up with and I can’t wait for more.


Though I still have to say, as much as I enjoyed watching and re-watching and thinking about what went on in “Four Months Later,”

I really miss Claude! 

And, if, just for a moment, I could be “fangirly,” I would just like to weigh in, in that respect as well.


I know a great deal of fans have called the fact that Peter showed up shirtless and chained up a “dream of fangirls.”  Well, not this fangirl.


Don’t get me wrong.  I do like Peter and yes, he’s easy on the eyes, but I’m not a huge fan of bondage.  It was Claude, who stole my heart.  Here’s what this fangirl would like to see:  Claude waking up, shirtless in a warm, safe, comfortable place.  No chains, no running and free to go at any time, and maybe, just maybe, someone to wait on him hand and foot… I’d do it… even if he was grumpy :) Just a thought.

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