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OK now I'm mad

Canon Penetration? Are you two off your bleeding heads?  Fanon penetration fine, whatever, but Claude has not so much as held hands with let alone kissed either Bennet or Peter in canon, let alone anything else!  Not on screen nor in any of the GN. I told you, fantasticpantsand runningondreams before, you wanna ship 'em fine, have a blast.  Don't expect me to read it or like it, but to go and claim this is canon?  That is taking it too far!  That's no more canon than any of my stuff, or that Claude/Meredith fic someone else did.  It's Ironic.  The only reason I had a link to this page at all was for the lovely caps, which I was about to thank you for until I saw the map.  The rest I could ignore, but that?  You care to rephrase that color representation? The only canon here is that they had interaction on screen, beyond that is fanon until they implicity state otherwise, either on TV or in a GN.
Tags: claude rains, f-list, heroes, me, slash, this is not canon!

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