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Meme (was posted in nine_love )

Name: Trace
Age: 33 and a third
Location: New Hampshire
Old school Who or new school?: Both but I prefer the 2005 series if I have to choose
Nine or Ten?: NINE!(just look at my icons!)(and Nine before all the others too)
Pairings: You don't wanna know : ) Ok fine, Nine/me/Plex. Happy now? (Of course I'll read almost anything that has to do with Nine)
Favorite Episodes: All of S1, but esp. Dalek, The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances
What do you usually post about in your journal?: Doctor Who (pretty much all Ninth Doctor) cool meme's I find online, stuff like that
Anything else?: Nice to meet another Doctor Who fan! Nine Rules!!!:)
Tags: nine, ninth doctor

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