Rick Sanchez C154 (bigbadwolfeboro) wrote,
Rick Sanchez C154

Me at work

OK.  Those of you who talk to me regularly know I am an 11-7 RN and I work at a Longterm Care/ Rehab facility on the Longterm/Hospice floor.  So here are some pics of me at work and my workspace:

and no that look is not by accident.

Here is my workspace:

I've had that bear since college and only just added the outfit (it was Teddy Bear day at work).  Yes I keep a pic of Claude at the desk as well as a photoshopped one of me with him (I really liked how it came out).  The sign is a recent addition, and for those who can't read it it says "I live in my own little world, but it's OK, they know me there."  All to often there is stress and weeping on my unit, and this is one way I try to combat it.  As well as this:

OK.  I should explain this.  Yes those are pigeons, nesting on top of the light fixture, and there is more than my obsession with Claude going on here.  See, one of the other units is set up just like ours and, for the longest time, they have had a bird's nest on their light fixture.  They recently added a mock bird house.  I decided that, they shouldn't be the only unit with cool decorations and resolved to get some nests and birds for our unit.  I was going to go with maybe orioles, or cardinals, or perhaps some bluejays, but then I saw Claude and the pigeons.  They don't exactly have pigeons per sey at the craft store.  What they do have is doves, a close relative.  So a little fabric paint, fabric markers, and positioning and voila: pigeons.
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