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Finally, Chapter 10 of 10 Crossing paths

Disclaimer: The only thing here that is mine is the character of Theodora “Thea” Frost (she’s named for my late dog, Teddy, who was a traditional empath and the poet Robert Frost.)  I don't get paid for this; I'm just a fan having fun.

Rating: PG 13 mostly due to language and most kids might freak at some of the subject matter (Chapter 4 is R-NC 17)

Characters: Claude, Thea, Peter Petrelli, Sylar, mentions of Nathan Petrelli


Pairings: Claude/Thea

Note:  I started this story line back in April after and have gone through 2-3 rewrites before settling on a direction.  This bit I worked out in late to mid August and just fine tuned it in early September. 


Spoilers: Heroes season one (all of it), also some of this is based on news spoilers that I’d read about season two

Part 1(Histories)    
Part 2(
Recent events- where Claude went)    
Part 3(
The Exploding man- it was on the news)   
Part 4(
A distraction- warning this is a rather graphic chapter )
Part 5
(Aftermath of chapter 4 and direction for the future)
Part 6 (On the road...)
Part 7 (In the City)

Part 8 (The Journey Continues)
Part 9 (Old History  New Situations)

Crossing Paths 10 of 10


            Out of force of habit, Claude vanished.  Peter would have done likewise but he’d forgotten how, and the shock of seeing Sylar, coupled with his recent amnesia and trauma, was causing Peter’s ability to short circuit.  Unfortunately, the only power he had working at the moment was telepathy, and what Peter could hear and make sense of, wasn’t helping the empath at all.  Thea hadn’t been in contact with Claude, when Sylar had shown up, and had no means of vanishing on her own. 

Before anyone could move, Sylar pinned both Thea and Peter to the walls of the sewer pipe.  “Hello, Peter.  Nice friends you have.”  Sylar was calm and collected, almost charming.  Sylar would have liked to gotten a hold of the invisible man as well, but thought he may have ran and Sylar was more interested in obtaining Peter’s power, first.  Sylar wasn’t sure what to do with the girl, though, beyond immobilizing her.  Exercising some caution, Sylar activated his enhanced hearing.  What he heard first was Peter’s and Thea’s hearts, hammering loudly.  That made it difficult to hear much else, so Sylar assumed that the invisible man had bolted and turned his focus back to his captive audience.  Sylar was tempted to just finish matters with Peter, as doing so would enable Sylar to acquire any and every power.  However, the stranger intrigued Sylar.  She was broken, Sylar’s own innate talent told him that much, but what if anything was her talent, Sylar wondered.

“Are you special?”  Sylar asked after a tense eternity.  His tone was totally incongruous with the current situation.  The way he asked, Sylar might have been at a social gathering.

Thea’s heart had continued to race and her mind was reeling.  The migraine made it difficult to think.  Thea forced herself to calm down and hoped that Claude hadn’t gone far and had some idea how to get them all out of this mess.  At long last, pulling out the first coherent thought she had, Thea asked in return, “Don’t all mothers tell their kids that?”  Thea instantly regretted it.

“You don’t know anything about me!” Sylar’s voice took on a demonic quality as he fired back a retort at Thea.

Between Sylar’s tone and the renewed telekinetic pressure, coupled with Thea’s already bad migraine, Thea feared her head might explode.  Taking a deep breath and reminding herself that panicking would mean certain doom, Thea said, “You’re right I don’t.  Perhaps you could correct that oversight?”


Claude hadn’t left.  He’d be lying to himself if he didn’t admit that the thought had crossed his mind.  After vanishing, Claude had made it a point to stand stock still and willed himself to be calm.  Claude had focused on his pulse and breathing, willing both to slow.  He was still very much aware of the drama unfolding mere feet away before him.  Claude was very much aware that Sylar’s super hearing came close to negating his own talent.  He would have to plan his move very carefully and accordingly.  Not daring to physically rummage through his pockets, Claude mentally ran down what he’d recently acquired, and where he’d recently been…..





Central Park, Manhattan, two days ago…


            “And this is Central Park,” Claude said finishing this part of the tour.

            “It’s lovely, Claude!  I’ve always wanted to see this!”


            “Yes!  I’ve only ever seen it in movies and on TV.  This is incredible,” Thea smiled broadly.

            Claude couldn’t help but smile back.  The pleasant moment was interrupted by a cacophonous noise; a young kid was blasting an air horn at a nearby flock of pigeons.  Claude’s face darkened. “Stay here,” he said to Thea.

            Thea watched from behind a tree, uncertain what to expect.  As soon as Claude let go of her hand, he vanished from her sight. The kid was still quite visible and he was laughing and fell over, dropping the air horn.  Thea watched the air horn vanish, and realized Claude must have it.  She watched as the kid flailed about trying to find his “toy.”

            “Aw, man!  Where the hell’d it go?”  The kid stopped laughing and looked around.

            Claude waited, invisible, a few tense moments, then blasted the air horn right next to the kid’s head.

            “ARGHHHHHH!”  The kid screamed and bolted yelling, “The Park is haunted!!!!”

            When the kid had left, Claude went visible.



Sewers, New Jersey, the present


            Claude still had the air horn on him, which would help him, but what else was around.  Slowly, Claude scanned the sewer for anything else that might be of use.  All kinds of debris littered the floor, including bits of plumbing, one of which was a length of pipe.  Slowly, Claude reached for his inner pocket and grabbed hold of the air horn.  He knew he’d only have one shot at this, as Sylar would hear him the moment he went for the pipe, so Claude made certain that he had a firm hold on the air horn, before he made his move.

            Sylar was about to ask the girl another question, when he thought he’d heard something.  Had the invisible man returned, Sylar wondered.  Sylar brought his enhanced hearing to a more active level, just to be certain.  He might not be able to see the invisible man as yet, but Sylar knew he’d be able to hear him.

            It was that moment, when Claude saw Sylar turn away from Peter and Thea, which he chose to activate the air horn, and make a grab for the pipe.  To Thea and Peter, the noise was an annoyance, but to Sylar, it was crippling.

            Sylar clutched his head in pain, then blacked out as something hit him from behind.

            Claude materialized holding the pipe, and rushed forward to help peter and Thea as Sylar’s telekinetic hold on them cut off.  “Let’s get the ‘ell outta ‘ere!”

            Peter nodded an assent.

            “Best idea I’ve heard all day,” Thea said.

            The trio left as quickly as they could, Claude supporting Peter and Thea staggering a bit.  Once up top, Claude called Nathan for transport for Peter using the same cell phone he’d nicked the night he’d met Peter.  When they heard the sirens approaching, Claude turned to Peter and said, “I’ll be in touch, mate.”  Then Claude took Thea’s hand and vanished.  An ambulance took Peter back to a hospital in New York, while a police and FBI team went into the sewers, but they found no trace of Sylar…


End Volume 1A


Series 2 To be continued…


notes on this series:

Story notes:


OK, first the idea:


There are far too few female Heroes at present and I decided to make one of my own.  I also wanted Claude to have a place to hide and someone who could help him.  Initially, I considered making chapter 1 a stand alone fic, but then I decided to continue it and have the story told as to where Claude went after he left Peter’s.  I borrowed heavily from what we learned of Claude as well as some personal experiences.  Of course, once Claude was “safe,” the question became one of what to do with him and Thea then.  died_in_odessa has an awesome series where Claude goes to find Peter, and I highly recommend reading it.  It’s a 5 part series called the Invisible Cycle- the Quest (links in title).  As I pondered chapter 3 (which was written after chapter 4), I wondered how Claude would react to the explosion and I reckoned that surely something like that would make the news, even in the Heroesverse.  I had to wonder if Claude wouldn’t be curious as well as feeling some guilt and wanting to know what had happened to his former student.  So going to NYC seemed a likely course.  As to how he’d know that Peter had survived, the only thing I could think of was a vision.  Isaac is dead and if I let Molly see Peter right off the story would have been over.  Likewise, the same would have been true if Sylar found Peter first.  So I had Thea have a scrambled dream and then have her powers shut down.  As for the earlier incident, where Thea helps Claude escape Primatech at the Wal-Mart, that was there just for character development, nothing more, so Claude could see that Thea had no intention of turning him in.  Also, I never had any intention of having any genetic ties to the rest of the characters, which is why Claude finds what he does when he digs into Thea’s sealed records.  I made Thea’s Finnish biological grandmother a hero, to add to the global feel that the cannon crew is going for.  I also didn’t want that individual to be too powerful, which is why she is good (or was) with plants, but we are not talking “Au Co” level.


The Spoilers:


OK, I had heard on the net that one Hero would have amnesia and another become alcoholic and I decided to incorporate that in the fic.  Whether Peter is amnesiac and Nathan alcoholic in cannon, we shall have to wait for September 24, 2007 to see if this is the case.  Though, biased as it may be, I have to wonder whether I’m right about Nathan, between the few promo clips both on TV and the net and that weird scrambled dream I had back in April.


Any other questions?  Just ask! :)

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