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Heroes NYC world Tour... and Zuul Building followup

OK.  I left for Manhattan Monday, August 27, 2007.  My Dad drove me from Derry, NH, (and I saw a Mr. Muggles lookalike as we left town) to South Station in Boston, MA.  From there I took the Amtrak Acella to Penn Station in Manhattan.  Long trainride and I started to get motion sickness.  We'd just got near NYC, and the train slowed to a stop, when I saw something cool.

at first glance I just thought it was your garden variety Graffiti, but upon a closer look I noticed this:

No that's not a Photoshop, the skull has "Sylar" written on it.

Now for the next day, what you really probably wanted to see.  Pics from the actual tour.

I got up at 4:20am and walked from 8th ave and 45th to the NBC Universal Experience store and met some people in line:

As luck would have it, I wound up in line next to two friends from 9th Wonders BBoards Leek (girl in glasses far left) and SuperChris (girl in black, 2nd from right) both S'Army members.

Now for the star pics:

From Far left to near right:
Tim Sale, James Kyson Lee, Dania Ramirez, Zachary Quinto , Jeph Loeb, & Noah Gray-Cabey .  I got all their sigs on a shirt.  I hope they will do another tour and I can get the rest of the cast, (especially Christopher Eccleston's signature).  They were all very cool people.
2 more shots:

not so good, guy in frony of me had his elbow in the shot.

another one not as good a shot as I'd have liked.

I saw Tim Sale's paintings.  Incredible! Here are my two fav's:

Peter flying very cool.

and this one:

with a closeup:

I found the site of "Yatta!"

Right in Times Square, special thanks to the S'Army folks from 9th Wonders for giving awesome directions.

The next day I went looking for the site of the Deveaux Building and I found a few possibilities tough nothing that exactly matched the set they use in LA.  I did confirm that the Deveaux Building and the Zuul Building are not the same place because I did manage to find the lower half of the Zuul Building (Gozer Building AKA Spook Central):

I had done an article in heroes_tvabout this here.  Now I can dismiss the speculation.
No way is that the same building that Claude tossed Peter off of or that Hiro did that teleporting on the roof of.  Too close to Central Park itself for one...  But you do have to admit that it's really close to what we saw in Ghostbusters.

Please do not hotlink and if you take any of the photos just let me know, OK?

edtied 9/10/07 to add: By the way, for anyone wondering, I am female.
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