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Regarding my last rant

OK.  If any of my F-list are concerned, rest assured that last rant was not directed at any of you.  If I was that mad at any of you, I would have told you myself rather than just posting and you would not be on my F-list, if you'd upset me that much.  You lot have been quite considerate, and agreeing to disagree is just fine by me.  However, others are not so courteous.  One individual in particular, I really have to wonder if (s)he thinks before (s)he types.  How much more obvious about something can I be than to say "I am looking for X and it is not on any of the usual sites Z & Q" and then get told by this individual to go to site Q for the item?  Seriously?  Also, why is it that now I have to contend with R rated "Plaude" fics showing up on 9th Wonders BBoard which is supposed to be PG13 and no higher? The mods took it down but the fact that someone thought it was OK to post it there at all, greatly disturbs me.  I have kept my own fics solely in LJ for that reason.  I have also been hesitant to post my ongoing 10 part fic anywhere other than here (in my own Journal) for fear of upsetting anyone over in the heroes_claude   com with it, and also due to the total lack of commenting lately by anyone other than john_jonesor 9drdork. I distinctly get the impression that these two are the only ones bothering to keep up with the story at all.   However, if certain other individuals are gonna be so brazen with their "Plaude" stuff, then why should I have to hide and suffer in solitude?  "Hallelujah" is now forever ruined for me between a vid and some totally out of context icons.  At least with my stuff, I LJ cut nearly everything, and I do warn folks.   I also try to keep things as close to cannon as I can for the actual story telling fics.  The rest is all fluff, and AU vignettes, which can stand alone.

I gotta wonder how much these people would like what they're peddling if they'd been through what I have and had to deal with the awful flashbacks this stuff brings on.

Right now I'm not quite so mad as hurt and disillusioned and disgusted.
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