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Claude's not dead (Sylar just killed the Flash!)

(note: sweetbelle07over on LJ Gave me this fantastic title to work with.)

I am disheartened to think the Heroes crew would have allowed Claude to have an offscreen Death if they were going to "off him" (as Claude would put it). I found it impossible to believe and decided to discuss it with some of my contacts over on LJ and this is what we came up with (LJ usernames credited)

According to some, over here in the TV Guide blog, Sylar supposedly has invisibility. I don't think so. Near the end of season 1, Sylar had to hide behind a pillar eating icecream to eavesdrop on Peter and his friends. If he'd killed Claude and stolen my favorite hero's power, there would have been no need of this.

Also, as sweetbelle07pointed out to me, Sylar seems to have this speed ability, which he utilized in "Homecoming." He moves so fast he gives the impression of being invisible. Peter hadn't met Claude before "Homecoming," so Claude was alive. To quote sweetbelle07 "I was under the impression that Sylar was just moving too quickly for anyone to tell that he'd actually moved, giving the impression that he'd turned invisible.

Since Sylar had sprinted up to the top of a building type thing when he ran into Matt and Audrey and did relatively the same thing to Peter in Homecoming. He moved in the time it took Peter to blink really and Peter looked shocked, giving the impression that Sylar's movements were silent.

So... Claude's alive.

Sylar just killed the Flash."

There are a great many people that Sylar has killed and powers that are not accounted for.

Consider also, when Sylar killed Dale (and Claude was back in New York training Peter and alive), Dale (superhearing woman) said "I didn't hear any footsteps."
Sylar "There weren't any."

That is not invisbility but close, and Dale didn't see him until he was within touching distance. Perhaps he runs light and fast enough to not be heard.

doctorfan's comment was "No hard evidence to back it up, but the timelines don't seem to support that."

john_jonessaid, "People thought and spoke about it. I shall tell only that Claude is the bright character, and they will not kill him" for the staff " and to speak that Sylar has killed him! It is silly!"

jocoses' comment was "Can`t see why the series creator would be so keen to get Chris Eccleston back in series 2 just for flashbacks, which if Sylar had already killed him thats what they would amount to, although I suppose it would be the ultimate tease-you think claude is safely back and then it winds up with him dead at the end of the flashbacks- I suppose it would be the big carrot to get him back lol nice juicy death scene to get his teeth into!

Then again I dont think they would want to lose such a popular character-especially as they have the ability to suggest he`s about even if the actor isn`t-too good an option to kill off methinks."

And I know Christopher Eccleston wnats "something meaty" for him to return as Claude and somehow I don't think simple flashbacks will cut it.

sunnytyler001had this to say:

"Oh come on! Claude has way too much potential to be already killed off!
My first reaction to this post was pure sadness... but thinking about it, I think it's just impossible.
Benett and Claude used to work together and, in a way, to be friends... it would be interesting to learn more about their common past, their friendship, etc...
And then, when he worked with Benett, Mr Raines used to protect someone... another "hero".... but who?
And what happened to him during those 15 years... He sounded like a very nice man before, what exactly did he see/hear that changed him so much?
Did he have a family? A wife (Ooohhh, could they cast Billie Piper as Mrs Raines???)? Children?
Then, there is also his huge fanbase... People liked him, they shipped him with Peter a lot... and Christopher had such an amazing screen chemistry with Milo!
It would be just like killing Chloe Sullivan on Smallville !
Such a ridiculous waste... followed by the fury of hundreds of fans."

So to quote my title:

"Claude's not dead (Sylar just killed the Flash!)"

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