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Part 9 of 10 Crossing paths

Disclaimer: The only thing here that is mine is the character of Theodora “Thea” Frost (she’s named for my late dog, Teddy, who was a traditional empath and the poet Robert Frost.)  I don't get paid for this; I'm just a fan having fun.

Rating: PG 13 mostly due to language and most kids might freak at some of the subject matter (all except part 4 that is R/NC17)

Characters: Claude, Thea, Peter Petrelli, Molly Walker, Mohinder Suresh, Claire and Noah Bennet, Sylar


Pairings: Claude/Thea

Note:  I started this story line back in April after and have gone through 2-3 rewrites before settling on a direction.  This bit I worked out in late July to mid August. 


Spoilers: Heroes season one (all of it), also some of this is based on news spoilers that I’d read about season two

Part 1(Histories)    
Part 2(
Recent events- where Claude went)    
Part 3(
The Exploding man- it was on the news)   
Part 4(
A distraction- warning this is a rather graphic chapter )
Part 5
(Aftermath of chapter 4 and direction for the future)
Part 6 (On the road...)
Part 7 (In the City)

Part 8 (The Journey Continues)

Crossing Paths 9 of 10



            “OK, you can watch my back.  Fair enough.  Though if you could get us some transport to New Jersey, that would be even more helpful at the moment,” Claude said.

            Before Thea could say anything, Bennet broke into the conversation.  “Maybe I can help there.  Claude, look, you’ve no reason to trust me, but if Sylar is after Peter, the least I can do is give you two a ride.  Claire and I are headed that way anyhow, on our way back to Pennsylvania.”

            Claude was quiet, considering.  He was still furious with Bennet, but time was running out for Peter.  Granted, Thea was there, and there was also the fact that Noah had left the Company to consider.  “Thanks, Noah,” Claude said simply.  He took the front seat with Bennet.  Claire sat in the back with Thea.

            There was an uneasy silence for the first bit of the ride and Claire didn’t like it.  She was also curious about the newcomer.  “How’d you get mixed up in this?”

            “Long story.”  It wasn’t that Thea didn’t trust or like Claire, but not all of the story was hers to tell.  She also wasn’t sure where to begin.

            Recalling what she’d overheard Thea say to Claude, Claire asked, “You’re a nurse?”

            “Yeah.  I used to be a hospice/geriatric nurse at a nursing home.”

            “Peter was a hospice nurse before all this.  I never got the chance to ask him why he went into nursing.  How about you?  Why’d you?”

            “I had skill with biology and I wanted to help people.”

            Remembering that Thea had said something about a gift, Claire asked, “How long did you know, that you were special?”

            “Since I was 7.”

            Then Claire asked what she was dying to know, “How do you deal with being so not normal?”

            “I never really considered myself ‘normal’ as such.  I just try to be me. I suppose that all any of us can do really.”

            It wasn’t much of a ride from New York City to Jersey City, but one could have cut the tension in the car with a knife. 

Claude wasn’t sure what he should have expected and had certainly been surprised by Bennet’s offer. 

Noah Bennet was expecting at least a snarky remark if not a smack in the head, in his near future.  It surprised him that Claude had accepted.  Bennet wasn’t sure why he’d offered to help.  Maybe it was because he felt he owed Peter and Sylar was dangerous enough, especially given that Hiro’s attack hadn’t finished Sylar off.  Maybe he felt bad about having to shoot Claude 7 years ago and then tasering him nearly a month ago.

With her gift not working Thea certainly hadn’t expected this.  Nor had she any indication that her car was going to break down shortly after Claude and she had reached New York.  Fortunately, even her lack of power had proven useful.  Thea didn’t know what if anything she could do against someone like Sylar, but she had no intention of abandoning Claude to face him alone.  While Claude was capable of going invisible, he was not invulnerable.  Sylar getting a hold of Claude, or Peter for that matter, was a very precarious situation; beyond just the loss of the unique men, it would mean that Sylar would be unstoppable.

Noah let Claude and Thea off in Jersey City on a street corner.  On some level, even with all the tension, Noah would have liked to help, but he and Claire really needed to get back to the rest of the family in Pennsylvania.  Lyle and Sandra were in a hospital there, recovering from Company treatment.  Noah also had a few other projects running that would ensure that the remainder of Primatech would go down for good.  He took out his gun and offered it to Claude, “Here.”

“What for?”  Claude was even more surprised.

“You might need it.”

Claude carefully took the gun, looked it over, then passed it back to Bennet.  “No thanks, mate.  From what Dr. Suresh said, Sylar’s pretty much bulletproof, but thanks anyway.”

“Claude, be careful.”

“You just watch your family, mate.  Claire, look after your da’, for me, will you?”

“Sure, Uncle Claude.”  Claire couldn’t help but smile.

Claude broke into a broad grin.



***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****



            Mentally, Sylar flipped through the paintings he’d done, since he recovered.  With his photographic memory, it was like having a detailed pocket index.  That, coupled with his ability to paint the future, made Sylar certain he would find Peter.  It was just a matter of time.


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


Sewers, somewhere in Jersey City


            The young man was starting to remember things, strange things.  He still didn’t know who he was or how he’d arrived in the city, but he knew it wasn’t an accident, at least he didn’t think so.  He also had a strong desire to help the other people he encountered.  Some just ran away.  A few actually accepted the money he handed them.  It had taken him a while to recall that was what the green papers and metal disks were.  Somehow, he’d also come to the realization that he had more than enough to spare on his person, at the moment.  He had strange recollections of fire and flight and someone near and dear to him with him through it.

            “Nathan,” the young man muttered to himself.


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


Sewers, Jersey City, elsewhere


            Claude was not liking a lot of this.  For starters, Claude didn’t like the fact that he wasn’t the only special looking for Peter; there was also Sylar looking, and from the sound of it Sylar was as dangerous, if not more so, than some of the specials Claude had come up against back when he’d been a Company operative.  The sewers didn’t bother Claude as much as the fact that it was likely that there’d be a confrontation in them.  Claude also wasn’t liking the way Thea was looking.  Claude had initially chalked Thea’s ill appearance up to Thea being out of her element and not being used to rougher situations.  The longer the duo continued, the more Claude was convinced that there was something else making Thea ill.  “Look, you stay ‘ere and I’ll find Peter and bring ‘im  to you.”

            “Not a chance.  If that Sylar is here-“

            “Whatcha gonna do?  Get sick all over ‘im?”

            “I’m not that bad off.”

            “Oh, really?  I don’t recall you bein’ that pale, Thea.”

            “I’ll be OK.”

            Claude raised a dubious eyebrow as he looked at Thea.


            “Y’know, you’d be a lot more convincing if you told me what was wrong in the first place, and don’t give me that nothin’ bollocks.”  Claude leveled his gaze at Thea and folded his arms across his chest.

            “It’s just a migraine; that’s all.”

            “A migraine?!? And you call it nothin’.  The last one you got, your ability went away with it and it still hasn’t come back.  It’s one thing to go up against a special with no power but ‘ow you reckon you’re gonna deal with Sylar if you can’t even see straight?”

            “I can help you get Peter out of here and I can be another set of eyes.  I can still see normally.”

            “All right, but if you get any worse, back up top with you.”  Claude took Thea’s hand and the pair vanished.


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


            The young man though he could hear voices, far off but didn’t see anyone or anything.  Curious, he investigated further.  The few people he knew were elsewhere in the system.  From the sound of things it was a man and a woman that he heard.  Something in his memory said British when he heard the man speak.  A vague memory stirred.  Did he know the man?  More importantly did the man know who he was and where Nathan was?

            “Hey!  You!”  He called out, but still he saw no one.  Maybe they hadn’t heard him.  “HEY!  Over here!  Where are you?!?”  He wondered if he was imagining things but thought that the voices sounded closer now.


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


            Thea’s head was killing her, but she’d been through worse.  Far more than the pain, Thea feared disappointing Claude.  Thea was bound and determined to ensure that Claude found Peter and they all made it safely out of here.  Suddenly, she stopped, she thought she heard something.  “Claude?” she asked, looking at him.

            “Yeah, I ‘eard ‘im, too.  Sounds like Peter.”  Claude looked around and saw a rather disheveled but no less familiar young man in the distance.  He smiled at Thea.  “I think we found ‘im.”  Claude walked towards Peter, Thea with him, still holding his hand and both still invisible.


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


            The young man, Peter, was frantic.

            “HEY!!! Over here!”  He waved his arms as he shouted.

            Then something weird happened.  Suddenly, he heard footsteps then saw a man and a woman standing before him as though they’d just materialized.  As he stared at the newcomers, Peter realized that he did know the man and the longer he looked at him, the surer of that he was.  A good size chunk of Peter’s memories came rushing back and Peter doubled over with the head rush.

            Claude caught Peter as he fell, letting go of Thea and decloaking at the same time.  As he did so, Peter also decloaked.  “Thea, back off, just in case.”  Claude wasn’t sure what was messing with the empath, but he didn’t want to take the chance it might be Thea’s migraine.

            Fighting her nurse’s instinct, Thea did as Claude had instructed.

            Seeing no appreciable change in Peter, Claude beckoned Thea forward.  “OK, it’s not you. Gimmee a hand with ‘im.”

            Thea rushed forward to help.

            Peter was dazed.  He now recalled his name and that he was an empath and that the British man called himself “Claude,” but the rest of what he remembered was hazy, like a half remembered dream.  Looking at Claude he said, “You, I know you.”

            “Sort of, yeah,” Claude commented slowly.  “D’you know who you are, mate?”

            “Peter, and I have a brother, Nathan; where’s Nathan?”

            “He sent us to find you, mate.  How’d you get ‘ere?”

            “I dunno, I woke up in the city, not far from here.  I took shelter down here.  It took me a while to remember things.  You, you’re Claude.”

            “That’s right.”  Claude wondered how much exactly Peter recalled.

            “I don’t know you,“ he said nodding at Thea.

            “We’ve never met before, but I saw you in a dream.”

            “I’ve had dreams: fire, flight.  It’s all so confusing.  What does it all mean?”

            “You’ve been through a rather traumatic experience, Peter.  Your brother Nathan has more answers.  We want to get you back to him,” Thea said, stepping into her nurse role.

            Peter didn’t know the newcomer at all, but he did know that Claude had tried to help him before, at least what he recalled told him that much.  However, what Thea said did appeal to Peter.  “OK.  You can let go.  I think I can stand on my own now.”

            Letting go of Peter, Thea cautioned, “Easy does it Peter.”  She stood close by, ready to assist.

            Peter stood on his own.  Then he looked at Claude as he remembered something else.  “You threw me off a building.”



***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


Sewers, elsewhere


            Sylar walked slowly confidently, looking much like a hunter.  Soon, he thought.  Soon I will have the best of all who are special.  Shame I’ll have to kill him though.  But then I can have any and every power there is.

            Sylar trudged on.  It was only a matter of time now.



***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


            Peter, his eyes wide, started to back away from Claude.

            “Yeah, mate, I threw you off.”  Realizing that wasn’t helping Claude countered, “You threw me off, too!”

            “You hit me with a mop handle!”

            “What, ‘ave you forgotten that you came to me for lessons?  You were worried about explodin’, mate, explodin’ and taking a good bit of the city with you.”

            Peter looked honestly terrified.  He clutched his head as a new wave of pain hit.  He looked at Claude.  He could hear the man’s voice but his lips weren’t moving.

            Come all this way to save ‘im and now ‘e’s gonna bolt.  Brilliant!

            Peter could also hear Thea and her lips weren’t moving either.

            He doesn’t know me.  How do I convince him we’re on his side?  Why is it nurses can’t seem to stick together more often?

            “You?  You’re a nurse?”  Peter asked, looking at Thea.

            “Yeah.  I was doing hospice and geriatrics before I came to look for you.”

            Peter paused, considering.  Then he heard Claude again.

            This is nice and all but we gotta get outta here before Sylar-

            “Sylar?!?!”  Peter exclaimed, looking even more afraid than he had of Claude.

            “What?”  Claude asked puzzled then realized Peter must have read his thoughts.

            “Sylar, he’s here?”  Peter clarified.  Then his hands began to glow.

            “Calm down, mate.  That’s part of what I was trying to teach you. Focus.”

            Peter fought to relax and as he did so the glow faded.  Then he remembered saving Claude and that Claude had run, shortly thereafter.  “You left.  You were scared.”

            Claude looked annoyed but neither confirmed nor denied Peter’s claims.  “We’re wasting time, we need to go.”


            “Where are we all going?” asked a new voice.  The voice was deep but calm and cold, and coming from the shadows nearby.

            The trio turned around just in time to see Sylar step out into the light, a smile playing about his lips.



To be continued…

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