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Angry Rant Ahead!

I thought I could avoid it.  But now people keep shoving it my face no matter where I go.  Hell, it even turned up in 9th Wonders BBoard!  Look people, if you wanna ship Peter and Claude or "Plaude" as it is called, fine, whatever. I DON'T WANNA HEAR ABOUT IT!!!!!!!  Like I said in the last post I did on this, where I felt a mod was trying to pressure me into a slash ship that I wasn't in agreement with, dream/write whatever makes you happy.  I thought all this stuff would stay in the  peterandclaudecom where it belongs, and not keep getting shoved in my face.  I do expect spillage over into the heroes_claudecom but not to some of the other coms I frequent.  And far from my own personal aversion to this, I don't find it believeable at all.  From what we've seen of Claude in the current present of the Heroesverse, Claude strikes me as not having much use for anyone.  And from what I've seen of Peter, yeah, he's cute and tactile but he's straight (Peter/Simone anyone?).  Gimme a break!  Even if I could suspend those first two facts, CLAUDE TOSSED PETER OFF OF A 30 STORY BUILDING!!!  What, am I supposed to buy that that was a "love tap?" If someone threw me off even a 10 story building I'd take it to mean they were mad at me, if not disliked me! I certainly wouldn't look at it as being affectionate!  And furthermore, If Claude is so into Peter, why did he run away? ( "Then I guess you go boom." Claude vanishes and exit's Peter's flat. That ring any bells folks?)

And, as I run Claude in 2 coms, this is my response to "Plaude" courtesy of the wonderful much2muse:

as well as these (which I made):

I so gotta yell at Kring for killing off nearly all the female characters. (Niki's married and has issues and Claire is cool but underage.  And Candice needs to die, like soon! Of all the female "heroes," Candice should have died faster than any.  I'd rather they'd kept Eden, or Hana {as physical}, or Charlie, or heck even Dale!).  And people wonder why I created my own OC for fics with such a complex backstory.
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