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Chapter 7 Crossing Paths...

Disclaimer: The only thing here that is mine is the character of Theodora “Thea” Frost (she’s named for my late dog, Teddy, who was a traditional empath and the poet Robert Frost.)  I don't get paid for this; I'm just a fan having fun.

Rating: PG 13 mostly due to language and most kids might freak at some of the subject matter

Characters: Claude, Thea, Nathan and Peter Petrelli, Molly Walker, Mohinder Suresh, Claire and Noah Bennet, the Pigeons


Pairings: Claude/Thea

Note:  I started this story line back in April after and have gone through 2-3 rewrites before settling on a direction.  This bit I worked out in late July. 


Spoilers: Heroes season one (all of it), also some of this is based on news spoilers that I’d read about season two

Part 1(
Part 2(
Recent events- where Claude went)    
Part 3(
The Exploding man- it was on the news)   
Part 4(
A distraction- warning this is a rather graphic chapter )
Part 5
(Aftermath of chapter 4 and direction for the future)
Part 6 (On the road...)

Crossing Paths 7 of 10



            Nathan returned an hour later to his office and handed Claude a slip of paper saying, “Here’s the address.  Molly’s with Dr. Mohinder Suresh these days.  They should be returning to that address in a day or so.  They went off with Mr. Bennet and Claire to locate the rest of the Bennet family.”

            “Sandra and Lyle?”  Claude asked, looking slightly concerned.

            “Yeah.  You know them?”  Nathan asked in reply.

            “I been outta touch, mate, but, yeah, I know them.”  Claude’s expression was hard to read.

            “I just want to reiterate that Bennet was no longer with the Company, which is why Bennet and Claire needed Molly.  I should also tell you that Mohinder won’t let Molly out of his sight, either.”  Nathan had on his best game face.

            “I understand,” Claude said nodding.  “Thanks for the information.”

            “Look,- Claude,- I don’t know what you can accomplish with Molly but if you can find Pete,- well, it would mean a lot to me.”  Nathan was looking exceedingly vulnerable.

            Claude quietly nodded and put the address away, then took Thea’s hand and the pair vanished as they left Nathan’s office.

            Once alone, Nathan sat back down and reached for the flask.


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


Molly Walker, Mohinder Suresh, Noah and Claire Bennet were all on their way up to New York City to drop off Molly and Mohinder when Nathan’s call had come in over Noah Bennet’s cell phone.  Since the call, Noah had seemed unusually quiet.

“Dad, what is it?”  Claire asked, noticing the shift in her father’s mood.

“Some people want to meet with Molly so they can try to find Peter.”  Noah’s face was hard to read.

“You and, Nathan, tried that before, though.”

“I know, honey.”

“So what’s wrong?  Why are you upset?”

“I’m not upset.”

Claire shot Noah a look that said “Baloney, Dad.”

Noticing Claire’s expression, Noah said, “OK, you got me.  It’s the people, well specifically one of them, who want to meet Molly, that’s bothering me.”

“Who is it?”

“Claude,” Noah replied, his expression again unreadable.

Uncle Claude?”  Claire asked, recalling the enigmatic Englishman who had been her dad’s friend and had been close to the family when she was a young child.


“Wait a minute, you two were friends why-“ Claire’s face became serious, realization dawning.  She paused.  “He didn’t get transferred away back to England, did he, Dad?”

“No.”  Noah’s expression was pained as he regarded Claire.  She trusted him and looked up to him despite all the fights and everything, or maybe because of it.  How would she feel if he now told her that he tried to kill her favorite surrogate uncle, who’d been missing for 7 years?  To some extent, Claire was now acting as partner to Noah Bennet, and he wondered if this would color her interpretation of how he had really dissolved his partnership with Claude.  Granted, Claire had insisted on coming along, to ensure Bennet’s safety for the trip back, but Noah wondered how much that would matter, if at all.

“Dad, what happened?”  Claire wore an open and compassionate expression.

Noah glanced in the rear view mirror at their passengers.  Both Mohinder and Molly had dosed off, the former holding the latter.  Noah’s voice was soft as he spoke.  “I did what I had to.  Claude hid a special, and the Company found out.  They told me to get info from him, if I could, and that he was to be terminated.  The Company doesn’t fire operatives who break policy; they kill them.  If I hadn’t cooperated, they’d have suspected me of collaborating with him and then, not only would they have terminated me, they likely would have gone after Mom and Lyle, and they would definitely have taken you into custody, regardless of whether you had manifested by then or not.  I was mad at Claude for putting us in danger, for putting me in danger, and for jeopardizing the Company.  I was also mad that Claude wouldn’t tell me who he’d hidden.  Though he did say he trusted me enough to get in the car with me, even when he knew that I’d been told to kill him.  See Claude, he’s special, too; he can turn invisible.  That’s how he’d known about my last assignment with him.”

Claire quietly looked at her dad.  While she didn’t like the fact that he’d tried to kill her favorite uncle, Claire had seen enough of the Company to realize how backed into a corner Noah must have felt.  “So that’s why you said he went back to England and wouldn’t talk about him.  Wait, invisible you said?”  Claire nodded to herself.  “Well that explains his ‘magic tricks.’”



***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


            Claude was unusually quiet after he and Thea left Nathan’s office and the Petrelli mansion.  Thea just quietly accompanied him.  She knew Claude well enough to know he was upset, but from what she’d seen, Thea knew it wasn’t anything she had done.  Thea had noticed the change in Claude when Nathan had mentioned Mr. Bennet.  Thea suspected Bennet must be the reason for Claude’s demeanor.  Thea had to wonder, if she had to face the man who’d betrayed her, how well she would react.  She didn’t push Claude to share or to talk, as she realized it would only upset him further.  Claude would talk if and when he was ready to.  For the moment, Thea quietly let Claude lead the way. Eventually, the pair came to the Deveaux building and slipped inside, going all the way to the roof.  Claude relaxed when he noted the coops were still there and the pigeons all there and looking well, even if the coops were open.  They had all come back.  Claude let go of Thea’s hand, became visible and went to tend the pigeons, relaxing noticeably as he did so.  Thea, who knew nothing of raising or tending birds, watched Claude with interest. 

Claude had a stash of birdseed, which was still fresh and he put some out.  “What junk you lot get into while I was gone, eh?”

The birds, for their part, responded positively to Claude’s presence.  They didn’t mind being handled at all, cooing appreciatively.

Feeling she ought to do something, Thea asked, “Can I help?”

Claude realized he’d almost forgotten that he wasn’t alone.  “Nah.  Pretty much set here.  C’mere, I’ll introduce you.  Don’t worry; they don’t peck.”  Claude smiled and beckoned Thea over.



***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


            The young man was lost and alone.  He did not know how he had come to be where he was in tattered clothes.  Maybe, he had always been here.  Most people just shoved him aside roughly; a few others handed him metal discs and slips of paper with numbers and men’s faces on them.  Not knowing what else to do with them, he filled his pockets with them.  Then, one day, when he was very hungry, he saw a man give slips of paper and discs to another man and get something from the other man to eat in return.  The young man wasn’t sure what it was but the metal cart the second man had had a sign which said “hot dogs.”  Hungrily the young man passed a handful of the paper slips to the man with the cart.

            “Hey, buddy, It’s only a buck fifty.  You gave me too much,” the cart man said handing back several of the slips and two discs, before giving the young man a hot dog.  “look, mac, be careful, not everyone is as honest as me, buddy.  What’s your name?”

            “I dunno,” the young man answered scratching at his scraggly newly grown beard.  “I don’t even know how I got here.”


***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****


            Bennet was grateful Claire had taken the news as well as she had; it was very adult of her.  That realization both gladdened and saddened Noah.  It meant that Claire was growing up fast, too fast, he felt.  Was it only yesterday he’d told her she was adopted?  Where did the time go?  Moreover, Noah had to wonder how his ex-partner would react, when they met.  True, Molly had forgiven Noah for threatening to shoot her.  Noah had to wonder how forgiving Claude would be, if at all.


To be continued…

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