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Pondering Peter's nightmare and his dreams...

Looks like Peter may have a problem similar to my own...

I suppose I should start at the beginning.

Anyone who reads this LJ besides me, is no doubt aware of the odd vivid dreams I have.  A good chunk of them have to do with the show Heroes.  Often times, all the details are there but they're all jumbled and wind up in an order which may not make much sense and can't be taken at immediate face value.

Now comes the thing which occurred to me at about 10:30pm last night, as I was driving to work.  I was recalling how, on the show, Peter had that recurring nightmare where he explodes and how Claude was laughing at him in it.  I also was recalling the other nightmare that Peter had, where one minute he's talking to Nathan and the next Sylar is there where Nathan had been and says "You don't know anything about power."  This is when it hit me that Peter's dreams may be a bit scrambled, like mine are.  Remember how he kept having that flying dream and how it turned out that it was Nathan who was the one who could fly?  Or how, in Peter's life (albeit fictional) that it's Claude who tries to teach Peter about power and tells him that essentially Peter doesn't know anything ("There's a lot you don't see.  You have no idea how to use thes gifts of yours properly.") or how it was Sylar who laughed when Peter almost blew up New York?  I think that was Peter's subconscious trying to scare him just prior to the explosion nightmare.  There are those who argued that it was Sylar manifesting himself, but if Sylar could do that, why have we only seen him do it to Peter?  As for Claude laughing, that was Peter's subconscious drawing attention to Claude so Peter would pay attention when he saw Claude for real, and also I think Peter's subconscious got a bit scrambled.  There's a lot of symbolism in Peter's nightmare too.  Claire's in her Cheerleading outfit, Matt is still dressed as a cop, Mohinder is leaving a taxicab that he was driving... a lot of this changed in the characters' lives, but those were key elements connected to those people.   There's a bit where Isaac pulls Simone away, and in Peter's reality, Isaac shot and killed Simone.  Just my thoughts and I wanted to share.
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