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Missing Claude Torturing myself and stuff...

Yes, you read the cut correctly.  I finally caved and got a myspace page.  I'm gonna put a Claude layout on it... if I ever figure out how.  My friend Hera had made a Chris Eccleston one, but as lovely as it is, it's a bit busy for me to use.  I had something a bit simpler in mind:

It's based off the format I use for making wallpapers for my desktop.  Now I just need to figure out how to input it as a layout, a repeating one.

as for the rest:

Yeah, I really miss Claude.  And lately when he shows up in my dreams, he's invisible and I can't see him.  It used to be that I could see Claude, even when he cloaked.  I went and made wishes in the "Your wish is granted" thread over on 9th Wonders boards, even though the object of that game is to grant the wish and make it go horribly wrong. 

Quote below from Game:(note:Tarot=me for those who are confused)

           Tarot:I wish I could meet Claude. invisible.gif  (Why do I have the feeling I'm gonna regret this?) 

           AlterEgo: Granted, but then Claude starts to beat you like he did Peter, thinking you have powers leading to   
                             your own death. (Who knew...)

a few pannels later:

          Tarot: I wish Claude was in love with me. 
          (I'm sure this won't end any better than my last wish but what the hell...) 

          BlackLotusDragon: Granted but he is obessed with you and follows you wherever you go. Eventually you find
           yourself in that starbucks down the street that you passby from time to time where Claude sees you chatting
            it up with Kevin, the dreamy cashier with golden locks and ice blue eyes, and he goes insanely jealous.

            After soundly ridding himself of Kevin after you leave by grinding him down with to a one pound bag with a 
            cheese grater and serving him as the house special he waits for you in your home. You walk in through the 
            door and turn on the lights revealing Claude sitting in your favorite seat with a cigarette in one hand a bag 
            full silver dollars in the other. This does not end well for you.

Apparently BLD doesn't know me well.  I'd barely pay much attention to "Kevin," especially if I was in the Heroesverse and had Claude following me.  We both might wind up gone... but not like that...

And here's the link for my Myspace.  I go by Tarot there.  That will be a G rated site. No iffy graphics and no fic.  Just theories and some G rated pics.

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