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Question about Claude

I have been thinking about this a lot (seeing as I play Claude in 2 coms on LJ) and I am having trouble coming up with what the real explaination is. It was breifly touched on in Claude's thread over on 9th Wonders but no one was able to arrive at a satisfactory answer. (I also posted this today over on the NBC Heroes boards as well as my TV Guide Blog) What is puzzling me is, when we first see Claude, he's nicking cash. Later as we see him interact with Peter (along with some 15-7 years ago flash backs with HRG), and we are given the impression that Claude has stayed invisble since he was shot. If this is the case, what use does he have for money? He can pretty much steal anything he wants or needs, but he still lives up on a rooftop and has probably just that one outfit we see him in. Why is he botheriong with stealing cash? Is he playing Robin Hood? Or does he have a far less nobel idea in mind for the cash? Or is he a Kleptomanic?
Tags: christopher eccleston, claude rains, heroes

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