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Meme I found on a friend's LJ

Appropiated from [info]atheneunknown
Post This Meme in Your journal, and explain where you got the idea for your username & the title of your journal. Tag three other people to do the same.

LJ username: bigbadwolfeboro

I'm big (2-3x) in size
I'm bad (filthy mind and very mischevious)
I was born in Wolfeboro

I was also trying to do something connected with the Ninth Doctor, that whole "Badwolf" thing, as I originally got this LJ so I could post on
nine_love.  Now I'm in several coms, and I actually use this LJ for fic and things.  I also have several RP LJ's.

LJ title: "Let's call a spade a shovel, mate!" - Ramblings of a shameless fangirl.  It took me a while to keep and decide on that title.  I started out with no title, being as I suck at HTML.  It used to be "Nine is Mine because we all have our favorites"- Seeking a stitch in time to save Nine because I'm a Ninth Doctor fan.  Then I briefly had "Seeking a Saviour+Doctor+Hero" and I had a banner with Chris Eccleston as 3 of my favorite Characters of his: Steve Baxter/Nine/Claude (which I still dunno how to put on top).  Then I settled on a quote from Claude as the main title.

Not tagging anyone as I dunno who's up for it.  I suppose I could tag my RP characters but where's the fun in that? 

update 9/8/07-  Changed subtitle from: Ramblings of a shameless fangirl

to: Rose colored glasses? I see the world through a kaleidoscope!

Update: as of and since 10 November 2007, Current title and subtitle- Invisible not Forgotten   Seeking the unseen
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