Rick Sanchez C154 (bigbadwolfeboro) wrote,
Rick Sanchez C154

Latest Heroes dream 6/6/07

Ok  so on 6/6/07 I dreamed I was with Molly, Micah, DL, Niki, Mohinder, and this 20 something female special I hadn't seen on TV in this nice apartment building.  My insight was working as well if not better than real life, and I got a flash that someone was after us.  Micah checked the phone lines and not only confirmed a tap but also that a signal had been sent and people were after our group.  So we all left enmasse.  I saw two new specials on the way out.  One looked a bit like Mr. Rogers, the other fairly close to my 2 floors down neighbor.  I warned these men to be careful.  I wanted to find Claude, but woke up before I could.

I had seen Claude in another dream back on 6/2/07 but I am so not posting that here. LOL
Tags: dreams, heroes, me
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