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More Dreaming weirdness

One day, maybe, I will make sense of all this...

OK.  here's the latest offerings from my subconscious:

5/31/07 sometime between 7p and 9p I dreamt:

I was at work and seeing various "visions."  One was a black and white vision of Claude much as he looked in "Company Man," though, I got the impression that this may have taken place before the bridge shooting.  I tried to draw what I saw, but I wasn't happy with it, though one of my coworkers was impressed.   Then I drew this big rig with an extended cab, but not the bed or trailer.  Then I woke up.

Well, that night, I told one of my coworkers about the dream and even sketched out the truck and she says to me, "The psychic told me I was gonna meet a truck driver."

Then, last night, I brought in a copy of the closest screen cap I have to what I saw in my dream of Claude and tried to draw him.  I made 3 attempts but wasn't really happy with any of them, and my coworker liked and was impressed by my first attempt.  And before anyone asks, yes, I was trying my best.

Any ideas folks?
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