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Disclaimer:  I don’t own anything and (sadly) I don’t know Christopher Eccleston personally.  I’m just trying to write events in the “voice,” if you will, of my favorite character, Claude and tipping my hat to the fact that Christopher Eccleston runs marathon.



Spoilers:  For Heroes Season One.  This starts at the end of Claude’s exit scene in “Unexpected,” and is my speculation on where he may have gone and his thoughts at the time.


Characters: Claude, with mentions of Peter


Rating: PG-PG13 for language and concepts

Part one is here.

Hidden Reflections II: Marathon


            I’d really hoped things weren’t gonna turn out this way.  I’d been reluctant to help Peter, when I’d first met him.  It wasn’t because he was unlikable, or even because of his family.  It had a lot less to do with him than it did with my past.  I reckoned that, if I helped Peter, how many more would seek me out wanting lessons.  What am I, Professor Xavier?  It was that and also the fact that I’ve gotten used to being alone.  With what I’ve seen, is it any wonder I don’t want anything to do with anyone?  The fact that my best mate had shot me, fully intending to kill me, didn’t help either.  Then, 7 years later, he shows up again and tasers me!

            I remember coming to in Peter’s flat, Peter’s hazy face above me.  As my vision cleared, I could see his worry.

            “How ya feelin’?” he asked.

            My first reaction was to sock him one.  I thought he was yet another friend who’d betrayed me; it wouldn’t have been the first time.  As I gained consciousness, and argued with Peter, the horrible realization set in: Primatech knew I wasn’t dead. 

            It became clear that it had been Isaac who’d called Bennet, my ex partner.  But that didn’t matter.  My cover was blown.  What good is invisibility if someone or something knows precisely what to look for?  And it wasn’t just the fact that Bennet had botched things and they didn’t like loose threads.  It was much worse than that.  I’d been on the inside and seen things and knew things and these were things they didn’t want getting out.  There was also the fact that I know damn well they’d love to find out exactly how my “gift” works.  So I ran.

            I didn’t really want to leave Peter, though given how he’d managed to bail us out of Bennet and the Haitian’s trap was proof that Peter was capable of far more than he gave himself credit for.  I have to wonder if it will occur to him why I was so harsh.  Seems like Peter can only pull off miracles when he’s under stress.  I throw him off a building, he heals.  I beat him with a broomstick and he stops me with telekinesis then breaks the stick.  Bennet and the Haitian come after us with special goggles and tasers; he stops them and flies off carrying me.  Fortunately, I was unconscious most of that trip.  I don’t fancy heights.  I had to run, my only thoughts were escape, survive.

            I left New York, how isn’t important at the moment, and I wound up in Boston.  I recall the last time I was here, nearly 6 months ago, in the spring.  I usually am.  It’s ‘coz of the marathon, you see.  Now you might think I look all rough an’ tumble, but I can still run.  I came in third this past year, not that anyone knows but me.  Kinda hard to get an accurate time on an invisible man.

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