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Looks like I may be routing for a villain...

Ok, those of you who are fellow fans of Chris Eccleston are well aware that Chris will be the Rider in the upcoming movie The Dark Is Rising and have most likely seen this pic (I also used it for the icon):

OMG he is so hot in that pic! Now back in college, me and some friends went to see Brahm Stoker's Dracula and I was routing for Dracula for the whole film and near the end at least half my friends were too. For one, not that he really does anything for me, but Gary Oldman looked really nice, Harker was a dweeb and Van Helsing was a total toolbag! And c'mon, a man- OK -vampire seeking his lost true love, how can you not cheer that on? Now I have read The Dark Is Rising, and while I know the Rider is supposed to be a villain, but one look at Chris in a that outfit and I wanna melt! Sometimes I get a soft spot for villains. I used to have the worst crush on Dr. Zachary Smith (Johnathan Harris) in the original Lost In Space TV series.  I jost hope Chris wasn't uncomfortable in the outfit.  He looks AMAZING!!!  I so can't wait for October 5, 2007.  I also can't get over the fact that Chris thinks he's a Gargoyle!  Unusual, yes, but, even without that stunning outfit, he's still beautiful.  I wish I could tell him, in person.
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