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New Tarot Reading 5/8/07

Tarot card reading 5/8/07 4:37am  (Rider-Waite deck)


Knight of Cups



3 of Swords                               5 of swords



Queen of Pentacles                        6 of Cups



5 of Wands






Queen of Cups                      Page of Swords



7 of Swords



5 of Cups





General impression:  Ideals are being reshaped.  What works in the abstract as a concept is clashing with reality.   Mohinder is glad he was able to help Molly, but trouble looms ahead that neither sees.  There is trouble ahead for the Petrelli 3: Nathan, Peter, and Claire.  All will feel sorrow.  A familial bond that was hidden will be revealed and be of some help.  “Ma” Petrelli thinks she see the whole picture, but she has missed something.  Our “Heroes” are having difficulty forming a team, rather than a collection of individuals.  Someone will misspeak, and let loose a secret that will cause familial strife.  Hana is doing her best to communicate through and observe the actions on the internet, but is having trouble.  Micah will help Linderman, but will have a secret hidden in how he does so.  Claude is trying to deal with old wounds that have reopened, but first must come to terms with their existence.

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