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Tarot Reading

OK.  It doesn't matter whether you believe in this or not, but the other morning I did a Tarot reading focussing on Heroes to see what I could see.  What I saw, is under the cut:

Reading time start: 5/2/07 3:30am
Deck: Rider-Waite
Layout: Tree of Life


The Lovers                                                                                                                                   The Star

3 of Pentacles                                                                                                                             Queen of Cups
(inverted)                                                                                                                                          (inverted)

                                                                           High Priestess

Queen of Wands                                                                                                                      10 of Swords

                                                                              The Hermit

                                                                               2 of Pentacles

General Impression or story:  Peter is unwilling to just settles for what his visions have shown him.  Hiro also not happy with the possible future he saw.  Niki is going to get intouch with herself as well as her origins.  Nathan is forced to make a difficult choice.  Molly holds a key to a possible solution, as does Hana, who is wired to the internet, seeking a solution that way.  Linderman has a concrete plan, but forces he does not expect will turn things upsidedown.  Again, Molly is the key, but she is vulnerable.  Peter will try to make a sacrifice for the greater good, but it will not go as planned.  "Ma" Petrelli is trying to stay strong and in control.  Claude is MIA and is torn as to what to do.  He wants to help, but has no desire to face OWI/Primatech again- they'll do worse than kill him.  Mohinder faces a difficult choice- a balancing act of his morals vs those of Thompson and the Company (OWI).

5 Card horse-shoe

9 of Pentacles        7 of Wands(inverted)    The Fool        The Wheel of Fortune                Ace of Cups

Reading impressions:  Simone isn't totally gone, the past will haunt the present.  Peter faces an internal struggle.  Mohinder has gained some wisdom but is blind to a lot of the Company.  Things are in flux and some good is on the rise.  Sylar's luck is about to change.  Ideals and principles will be questioned and settled on.  Hiro will have to come to terms with his conscience as will Mohinder.

Make of that what you will, but that's what I saw when I spread the cards out.

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