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I'm starting to wonder if I'm a hopeless romantic

I dunno why, but I always seem to fall for the unobtainable guys.  Let's start with the Ninth Doctor.  Fell for him hard.  I can't hear Snow Patrol's "Run" anymore without resisting the urge to cry.  Although, I do  realize, that even if Nine didn't regenerate, and this was the "Whoniverse," if Nine was gonna dance with anyone, it would have to be Rose.  While I'm by no means jealous of the impressive London shop girl, and glad that she was there for Nine, it doesn't stop me wishing I could have him alone for one night...
Now, while Ten is amusing, and others call him "sex on legs,"  he does absolutely NOTHING for me in this regard and I miss Nine all the more.

Then, there's Claude.  I would so love to shag the invisible man senseless or at least blow...his mind, but, I am all too aware, that if this were the Heroes universe, I'm fairly certain that Claude wouldn't let me (or anyone else) buy him a cup of coffee or even a beer, let alone get that close.

It's a snowball's chance in Hell.

On the plus side, at least I get to "be" Claude for the RPG, which is very cool.  I've already had a bit of pseudo in character banter going on with our "HRG" which was an absolute blast! (Even if neither myself nor my character want to dance with HRG)

One interesting thing, I think I ought to point out, regarding reality/unobtainable, is that, I have the sneaking suspicion, that I might actually get on well with Chris Eccleston, but I think I have a better chance of being the first nurse in space, than I do of meeting Chris in person.

Oh well, at least I can still admire all 3 from afar.... (and get to play one in an RPG... now I just need to figure out what Claude is doing during/just after "Parasite."  He seemed pretty scared when he bolted out of Peter's apartment, and, as much as he likes those pigeons, I doubt he go back to the roof for some time....Hmmmm I need to think.)
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