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Bizarre dream

Ok.  Yesterday afternoon, while I was sleeping, (I work 11-7 if you didn't already know) about 12-2p I had a wierd dream.  It was April 23, 2007 and I was all excited because, as you know, Heroes comes back then.  Well, my brother shows up as I'm getting ready to watch and says we have to go shopping, and he takes me over to the local Walmart. I say to him "Does this have to be done now?  I've been waiting 5 bloody weeks for this show!  Would you be out shopping during a Yankees' game?"  and I leave to go home.  (now despite the fact we've always lived in Red Sox country, my bro has always been a diehard Yankees fan, go figure)  I get home and the show has already started.  They cut to a Manhattan exterior and then show Claude and Peter down in the basement of the building that was just on screen. (I should also mention, that the longer the scene continued, the more detail I got, until it was like I was there, only totally intangible as well as invisible...I even smelt the musty scent of the basement).  Claude tells Peter to get his mug.  Peter digs around in the basement and pulls out this silver-grey metal mug that's slightly larger than a good size coffee mug.  He hands it to Claude, who pulls out a flask and pours this clear colorless liquid into the mug. Somehow I know it's strong alcohol.  Peter says "Isn't it a bit early in the day for that?"  Claude gives him a scathing look and says, "Look mate, you try getting trapped down 'ere in a snowstorm and all the water pipes 'ave rusted shut and you tell me how you'd do?"  And again, somehow I know, that's what happened to Claude last winter and now his liver is severly damaged, and I keep thinking that if we can just bring this girl who can heal others to Claude she can fix him.  The girl I picture is between 7-10 with long straight dark hair and an olive complexion, and not someone I've ever seen on the show in  real life or anywhere else for that matter.  I wake up before I can figure any of it out and had a bear of a time sleeping after that.  Can anyone make sense of this?
Tags: christopher eccleston, claude rains, dreams, heroes

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