Tracey Loves Castiel (bigbadwolfeboro) wrote,
Tracey Loves Castiel

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  • Tue, 14:00: RT @SPNLoveBot: We will be a force for love and good in this universe. - Misha
  • Wed, 10:05: RT @_IMAlive: Sometimes all a person wants is an empathetic ear; all he or she needs is to talk it out. Just offering a listening ear and a…
  • Wed, 11:46: RT @margarittett: All of this. If a narrative poses a question, an important question, and then only answers it half-way, then you can tota…
  • Wed, 12:00: RT @OrionsAngel86: I want to scream this thread in every naysayers face ESPECIALLY d list former cast members. Just *chefs kiss* perfect ex…
Tags: #tinycaswashere, #wearamask, twitter

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