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Missing Gargoyle

Late last night, police uncovered a bizarre theft:  one of the gargoyles that adorned the Great Cathedral of Notre Dame, in Paris, France, is missing.  All the other statues remain undisturbed.  Here is a picture of the gargoyle, before it was taken:

As readers will no doubt notice, this gargoyle is a bit unusual in that it's not grotesque like the others that adorn this Gothic Cathedral.  Police don't have any leads or suspects as yet, but, strangely enough, all the pigeons that usually flock around this anicient ediface also seem to be missing...

[[yes folks, this is a joke.  between Chris' references to himself as looking like a gargoyle and someone else saying that this pose (nicked from Othello-thanx smugmug) resembeled that of a gargoyle I just couldn't resist]]
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