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Welcome to the Pigeon Coop

 OK. I know some of you may have seen my friend Hera's "Official Cult of Claude thread" and may have heard us discussing "Claude withdrawl" a phrase which she coined. Well here is some help for us all. So, short of getting new episodes in advance, or (better yet) our favorite invisible man in the flesh, here's a ton of cool stuff I found on You Tube: 

Godsend "Uber Promo" (added 9/19/07)

Invisible man video

Words Of wisdom (sadly missing as of 6/9/09)

Training Days

Heroes guys are bringing sexyback! (added 5/26/07) 

Video Claude, Low by Cold Play(added 7/13/07 but now missing)

Edited 5/8/07 when the embeds disappeared

Edited again on 5/26/07 when some videos became unavailable.

Update 6/22/07
Linkin Park :In the End video by decadentdream 

Update 7/6/07 (when I realized this wasn't in there:
(You Can't) Stop the Rock

update 7/9/07 added:
behind the scenes "The Fix"

update: 7/10/07

Chapter 19 promo (cause Claude is in it briefly)  Added 9/19/07

Breaking the Habit  added 3/31/08 and added back on 6/9/09 thank you Imeem

 INVISIBLE: The Raines Story added 3/31/08 still good even without the music

Disclaimer:  while some of these vids and vid makers may support slash (even if only in the coments/ descriptions) I just want to state that I am not a fan of it, and if you are, well just search youtube and have a blast.  I'll be over here.

edited again 26, Nov, 2007 after some vids vanished :(

edited again 3/31/08 after a bunch of clips disappered from You Tube. :"(

6/9/09   Hey NBC, if you wanna put show clips that aren't fan vids exclusively on your site fine, just give us fans some links that don't expire and we can direct fellow fans there.  None of us are making money and if we make a music vid it's because we love Heroes and love the characters and are putting a lot of time and effort into expressing that love, and YES, we will be watching Heroes on NBC or whatever our local chanel is that you sold the rights to broadcast this wonderful program to.  And most of us buy the DVDs.  Heck I have 2 copies of season one as my originals are taking a beating due to frequent rewatching.

Added 6/10/09:

 Peter Petrelli- Here it goes again

Heroes Characters Slide Show

Heroes -"Hero" by Nickleback

Passing TheHat  (Another thank you to Imeem)

I'm hoping like mad these don't get taken down.  There are a lot of crappy videos that got left up on YouTube that should have been taken down for Copyright infringement at the very least and they killed the good ones instead :( 
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