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  • Sat, 13:46: RT @CasTrash1: Good morning. The cast may not be talking to us, it hurts but this still exists never forget
  • Sat, 15:03: RT @liamstack: “If it wasn’t my job I would do it for free. It was absolutely my pleasure to crush a white nationalist insurrection,” he sa…
  • Sat, 15:04: RT @daft_editor: @jimsciutto @KaivanShroff To be clear: This was a failed MASSACRE. ✔ Demand maximum charges and sentences for EVERY terr…
  • Sat, 17:47: Hey @tntdrama what is going on? Twice your guide listing stated you were airing Supernatural 15:9 "The Trap" only to repeat 15:8 "Our Father Who Aren't In Heaven" instead & your on demand does it too, even after I already watched 15:8! Please fix!
  • Sat, 19:40: RT @valeskaim: 🏳️‍🌈 TOP 30 BEST COMING OUT SCENES 🏳️‍🌈 14 - CASTIEL (Supernatural)
  • Sat, 19:53: RT @MandalaRose2: This story hit a big kudos milestone this week! If you're craving a different ending to SPN, check out "What I Need Most,…
  • Sat, 21:13: RT @mishacollins: We're moving from a period of division to an era of service & I'm excited to have @RandomActsOrg on the front lines of th…
  • Sat, 22:39: RT @spn_bot: Written by a Devil's Trap.
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