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Heroes fic part 4 of ?

Disclaimer: The only thing here that is mine is the character of Brenna McAlister and her dog Buddy.  I don't get paid for this; I'm just a fan having fun. 

Rating: PG mostly due to language and most kids might freak at some of the subject matter


Characters: Claude, Brenna (original) Buddy (original) also some mentioning of Claude’s pigeons, Peter, HRG, and the Haitian

Note:  I wrote this early March 24, 2007. This one is connected with my last fic “Revelations”.


Spoilers: Possibly for episodes 17 and on, could be alternate reality.  I based it off some info from interviews and what I’ve seen of Claude in episodes 12-17. 

Who Watches the Watcher


Now here Claude was, watching over Brenna.  The seer was still unconscious with a bad migraine.  Despite the fact he’d left Peter to save himself, somehow he just couldn’t leave Brenna. He’d even felt the need to lay her on her bed, in what he hoped was a comfortable position.  Some part of Claude told him he was getting attached.  He ignored it.  He started to think about the relationship he had with Peter and found himself wondering that if Peter was a nephew/student, what sort of relationship did he have with Brenna?  She might not look it, but she was quite a bit older than Peter, which made things even more complicated.  What complicated matters still further, was the effect Brenna had on Claude: one minute he felt the need to protect her, the next he was ready to have her fight at his side.  “Poodle would tell me I’m gettin’ attached,” he said softly to himself, then had to laugh.  Him, who had been solitary these last seven years, save for the company of the pigeons, getting attached.  The thought was ludicrous and yet he was unable to banish it.  He cared for this girl- woman he corrected himself- and Claude was unable to explain why.  Moreover, she cared for him.

“Why does life have to be so bloody complicated?”  he wondered aloud.  He thought back to the fact he’d left Peter and still couldn’t leave Brenna, especially given her current state.  I'll just keep watch until she’s better,” he told himself as he fetched a chair, a pillow and a spare blanket and brought it into the bedroom.  “No sense keepin’ watch and bein’ all uncomfortable,” he muttered as he set himself up.

Sometime later, Claude awoke with a start.  He looked at the clock and saw that he’d only dosed off for an hour, though it felt longer.  He was just starting to wonder what had awoken him when he heard Brenna mumbling in her sleep.  From the sounds of it she was having a horrible nightmare.  Claude felt out of his element.  He didn’t know what to do, but wanted to help.  He thought about waking Brenna but wasn’t sure that was a good idea, especially given her talent.  He wondered if, in Brenna’s case, it would be as dangerous as waking a sleepwalker.  He came to a decision and got up from his chair.  Quietly, he toed off his shoes and shed his jacket and sweatshirt and then gently climbed onto the bed next to Brenna.   Being as it was a queen size bed, Claude had plenty of room.  Awkwardly, Claude put an arm around the distressed sleeping seer.  Slowly, Brenna’s breathing slowed and she seemed calmer.  Claude couldn’t help but smile to himself.  Then he got a surprise.  At first, he thought he’d dozed off again or was imagining things, when he heard a familiar sound coming from just outside the apartment.  Quietly he got up and left the bedroom and went to the living room.  When he looked out the glass sliding door, Claude couldn’t believe his eyes.  All his pigeons were just beyond the door, all perched on the balcony of Brenna’s apartment.

“Did she call you here?”  Claude asked the birds in wonder.

Appreciative coos greeted him as an answer.

Tags: brenna, claude rains, creative extrapolation, heroes

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