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Fanfic (Smut but fairly tame... for now)

Rating: pg 13, suggestive imagery

The only thing here that is mine is the character of Brenna.  I don't get paid for this; I'm just a fan having fun. 


Characters: Claude, Brenna (original), Claude’s pigeons

Note:  I wrote this March 23, 2007 after eating some Oreos and recalling a certain commercial

Spoilers: Possibly for episodes 16 and on, could be alternate reality.  I based it off some info from interviews and what I’ve seen of Claude in episodes 12-17.  Could be connected with my two previous fics but could also be AU.  Kinda short but also kinda suggestive.



Claude wasn’t sure why he’d looked up from his pigeons.  He’d been in the process of feeding them while Brenna snacked on some Oreos, which Claude had thought was innocent, if not a bit juvenile, until he saw how she was eating them.  Brenna was methodically taking the cookie sandwiches apart and sorting them into two piles: still frosted in one, clean in another.  Claude was just about to make a crack about Brenna being OCD when she finished sorting, went for the frosted Oreos, and began to lick them clean.

                Despite the cool late October air, Claude felt compelled to remove his navy blue coat and brown sweatshirt.  He was also starting to think about removing his shirt as well, when he caught himself.  He shook his head as if to clear it of the rather steamy thoughts he was having.  He wondered if Brenna had any idea what she was doing to him.  Despite the fact that she usually seemed to enjoy looking at Claude and watching him with great interest, at the moment, she was staring into space, so Claude figured  that Brenna had no clue.

                Bloody stupid advert, Claude thought to himself and made a mental note to cause some serious havoc at a certain ad agency currently supplying the Nabisco company with adverts featuring “Oreo licking contests.”


If you like it, comment and I'll see about  posting the one that Claude's speech in "Distractions" inspired : )
Tags: brenna, claude rains, creative extrapolation, heroes, smut

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