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  • Sun, 12:00: RT @lovelyeIz: press the galaxy: (it’s safe!) . ★ . * ✨ 🌕 * . 🌍 * * . • * • .…
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  • Something I finally worked out

    I was re-watching Doctor Who: "The Unquiet Dead" earlier this week. I had always wondered how the Gelth knew about the Time War, which…

  • Epic 'Doctor Who' meme ...

    1. When did you start watching? Sometime in 1978 1a. Why? My Nana thought I might like it and she was right. 2. What was your first…

  • Icon pic old pic

    Since there was that lovely new 2 part Graphic Novel (Thank you Jason Badower, Annette Kwok, and Oliver Grigsby) and I also have this other icon I…

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