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I've never wanted to be a pigeon so baddly...

(Fair warning I do get a bit crude here) 

I have another version minus the caption that I used for my icon but damn! That bird is one lucky creature! 

It's kinda funny. I worked out who I'd be in Heroes: Peter Petrelli. I'm a nurse, I work on a hospice floor, I have premonitionary dreams, and some Italian relatives. My parents make far more of my brother than they ever do of me. My brother is younger but looks older and works in Real Estate, but I could see him running for office. He used to pretend he could fly... So where's my gorgeous invisible mentor? : ( And one might expect, that given my similarities to Peter that I would be into the Peter/Claude slash-fics and art, but I just can't even try to read them.  Not even if I try to pretend it's me. 
Maybe it's cause no matter how tough I might be, I'm still a chick and last time I checked not only was Chris straight but Claude as well. I also have no idea what a "cocktease" is. If I had Chris (or Claude for that matter) I sure as hell wouldn't be teasing him! Pleasing yes, teasing no. And yeah, I know some minds are probably right in the gutter with that last remark. I know mine was during the whole "People suck, every last one of them..." speech. My comment would have been, "Yeah, you're right. I suck too, if I really like you and you ask nicely." Have to wonder what he'd have said to that. Given that most likely it would be the same set of circumstance and we'd both be invisible, I'd have no problem proving it, should that happen to be his response. Then the question would be how is the NYC crowd gonna react to a male shout of ecstacy coming from no where. I gotta wonder if he loses control of his powers during orgasm... I know I have a filthy mind ; p
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