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  • Sun, 15:02: RT @tingtime: If your child comes out to you today, embrace that child and know that you have eased their world in an immeasurable way.❤️
  • Sun, 15:02: RT @JoeBiden: I want every member of the LGBTQ+ community to know you are loved and accepted just as you are — whether you've come out or n…
  • Sun, 15:02: RT @_AlexHirsch: Reminder that if Trump wins, gay marriage will be overturned & LGBTQ+ civil rights will be gutted. Please vote Trump out,…
  • Sun, 15:02: RT @KaiaNomad: Some things deserve being repeated: The Nomads are a safe space and don't tolerate hate of any kind towards LGBTQIA+. Out o…
  • Sun, 15:03: RT @The_Scots_Witch: Bigotry, hate speech, transphobia, biphobia, homophobia, etc will not be tolerated on my timeline. This is a safe s…
  • Sun, 15:04: RT @DHanscum: My TL and my family's TLs are safe spaces for all. Intolerance, bigotry, transphobia, biphobia, etc. are not tolerated. We s…
  • Sun, 15:04: RT @Queen0fMoondoor: If it wasn't clear earlier, the Nomads harbor a safe place for those who are out, who are coming out, or those who are…
  • Sun, 15:05: RT @NomadNovak: This is a safe place and bigotry of any kind will /not/ be tolerated or promoted here by me or my family. Out or not, I'm…
  • Sun, 15:05: RT @castielof_Nomad: You are safe with me. You are seen, you are loved ❤ Be true to yourself 🏳️‍🌈 #NationalComingOutDay
  • Sun, 15:10: RT @Lineage_Series: #SPNFamily WE ARE LINEAGE! We are a series currently in production based on the universe & lore of #Supernatural #Linea
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