January 30th, 2011


Lables on Edibles

As some of you know, back on October 13 of 2010 I went vegetarian.  If you don't, now you do.  What bothers me is that food and drug labels aren't clear.  I went to open a can of seasoned collard greens to make a soup.  I looked at the label to determine what would go with it and I was shocked to discover that in a can which proclaims "cholesterol free, heart healthy" in HUGE letters that the product has, written in small letters on the back, "rendered pork fat and bacon bits in it."  I gave the can to a food pantry.  It gets worse.  My cold medicine has gelatin in it, as likely one of my over the counter pain meds.  Today I discovered my multivitamin has fish in it.  I'd thought I was doing well.  Looks like even now it's buyer beware.  Though, personally, if they have to use this stuff in products, they should have to put this fact in decently sized type that consumers can easily read.
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