April 21st, 2009


Behind the Eclipse week 22

They used one of my questions again.  The Whole article is here.  The relevant section is below:

"Tarot has an interesting historical question and wants to know when it went all wrong:

“It seems the Company started with the goal of hiding and protecting specials from those who would harm, exploit, or kill them. I have to wonder how they went from 'never again' to doing the same kinds of things those they were so opposed to did. Will we be shown how the Company got corrupted? How did someone like Bob went from the shy quiet guy to someone who would push his own daughter, Elle, to and past her breaking point.”

This seems to parallel numerous modern world examples of a company starting with one operating principle and letting that go once dollars comes in to play.

That’s exactly right. Sometimes people can start with the best of intentions, but once money and power get involved – everything changes. The Company went from the most humble teenagers suffering a great tragedy to some of the most powerful people on the planet. We certainly have plans to show when and how that corruption began to seep in – one answer will definitely come in season 4.

I also asked a few more questions but that was all they used this time around.