March 22nd, 2009

Me and Castiel

Dream 22 March 2009

This was one of my more convoluted dreams.  I'm not entirely sure if I was actually me for any of it but I saw the following:

I was at work and there was a female patient who really liked me, regarded me as family.  She wasn't able to sleep unless I sat on her bed until she dozed off.  For some reason, I made her feel safe.  Then things changed.

 I'm still at work and it's later than I usually stay there.  The set up looks different than it does in real life.  There are men there in suits stating they are from the state.  They are looking for names an addresses rather than doing an inspection.  Then things changed again. 

I see this other female patient, totally different woman, and I and two of my regular staff are checking on her, and the building looks like it does in real life.  This lady also really likes me and really trusts me.  I have an easy time cuing her to go back to bed.  Another change. 

I'm in an unused room that looks more like a hotel room than a patient room.  I'm leaving a message for Danko and his men that I know what they are up to and that they won't succeed.  And then- 

I'm walking down this hallway in a really nice American Football Stadium.  It's a college ball game and SFU and UCONN are the teams playing.  Someone pulls out a camera and-

I'm walking on a street somewhere in London.  I can see Big Ben and Claude is with me, talking to me, asking me if I want to go for coffee.  I turn to answer him and he's a lot younger than I last saw him.  He's about 18, possibly younger, with long wavy almost curly light brown hair to his shoulders and no beard.  My voice is not my own nor my accent.  Whomever I was in this part of the dream, I know I was a girl he really fancied.  Then I woke up.