October 2nd, 2008

I love Claude

Musing on my favorite Hero...

I can’t exactly pin down what it is about Claude that makes me willing to do anything for him.  Granted he’s not the sort of man likely to let me anywhere near him, were I on “that side of the wall.”  He’s a fictional character and I’ve fallen for him totally.  I’m well aware that if by some freak of science (or perhaps science fiction) I were ever to meet Claude I’d likely get told off for being a sentimental fool.  So I guess I’ll be a fool then.

This hermit hiding in plain sight, this skilled petty thief has made away with my heart.  I pursue his exploits but not to get it back, but because I worship him, not in the offer sacrifices sense but in the unconditional love sense like one might worship an athlete.  I know he’d be looking for the catch, the fine print, but for once there isn’t any.  He was onscreen for just a bit over an hour total and that was all it took for me to fall harder for him than I ever thought I’d fall for anyone.  Mind you, I fell for him even before I knew about the business of his ties to the Company and what led to them ordering Noah Bennet to try to execute him.  For all his gruffness, he’s not a bad man.

Even now I can’t give just a single reason.  I think of him, the blue eyes that seem to see through everything, his smug smirks, his smile, his accent, his beard, and his voice.  I just hear his voice and I’m held captive.  I see a picture of him and my pulse races ever so slightly.  If another Heroes character merely mentions him, I am listening intently.  Heck, I just hear someone mention the word “invisible” on another show, particularly Ghosthunters, and they have my attention.  Should there be any warm people shaped thermal images I am so archiving the episode to tape.  I’ve read and downloaded all the Claude related Graphic Novels.  So I’ll say it’s everything about Claude that draws me in and yet there is more, something ineffable and as elusive to put name to as Claude is to see when he goes invisible.  Yeah I’m a smitten fangirl and it’s the best I’ve felt in forever, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

(ETA Yes this is blatantly Out Of Game but no less true)