March 24th, 2007

Claude too

Latest fan fic (continuation of "Still Running" and it's not smut)

This one is connected with "On the Run"  and "Still Running" and follows after the later.

Disclaimer: The only thing here that is mine is the character of Brenna McAlister and her dog Buddy.  I don't get paid for this; I'm just a fan having fun. 

Rating: PG mostly due to language and most kids might freak at some of the subject matter


Characters: Claude, Brenna (original) Buddy (original) also some mentioning of Peter, HRG, and the Haitian

Note:  I wrote this late in February thru the beginning of March. This one is connected with my last fic “Still Running”.


Spoilers: Possibly for episodes 17 and on, could be alternate reality.  I based it off some info from interviews and what I’ve seen of Claude in episodes 12-17. 

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